Centrified Agent and his role in the loan process

Good Finance is a combination of two methods of applying for funding on both the banking and non-banking market. The customer on the Good Finance website completes the application with basic data.

Then he logs in to the profile created automatically on Good Finance and sees offers prepared by the cooperating Institutions based on the data provided by the Customer.

And here comes one of 3000 certified Good Finance Agents. What is the Agent’s role in the process? What is his basic responsibility? Why is it worth talking to Agent Good Finance from a client’s perspective?

Why in the Agent process?


We live in the age of the Internet and automatic processes. One could therefore ask – why an Agent, since the customer has already received offers. After all, he could finish the process himself. Yes of course. The only question is whether the client feels comfortable making independent decisions regarding the selection of the offer?

Will the customer himself be sure that the offer he wants to use is the best on the market? Is the customer able to understand all the fees and concepts that are associated with the selected product? Will the client cope with the process of signing the contract and feel comfortable with the need to use one of the tools to verify this identity? Of course, it all depends on the specific customer, but in many cases the answer to the above questions will be “no”.

Good Finance understands the basic objections of customers who face the need to take loans online. That is why we have incorporated elements characteristic of the off-line process into the on-line process – i.e. the contact of the Credit Agent.

Methods to verify the customer’s identity in the online process

Agent’s first phone call


The customer’s first doubts as to the choice of offer usually start appearing at the offer stage. Therefore, immediately after displaying the offer on the Customer panel in Good Finance, the system will assign the Customer the Agent nearest to his place of residence. The Certified Agent works on the sales system, so he will immediately see that a new customer has appeared.

The agent will also see the client’s offers so that he can analyze them together. The agent will make the first attempt to contact the customer within 10 minutes of receiving information about him in the sales system. What is the purpose of this phone? In several questions, the agent will try to learn the basic expectations of the client regarding the financing he is requesting.

Of course, he sees the amount and period that the Customer indicated in the application, but information about the purpose, expected installment and preferences regarding the repayment schedule and product type will be crucial in choosing the final solution. Next, the Agent will go to the offer analysis, answer all Customer questions and determine the next steps on the way to receiving money.

Certified Agent Good Finance works on a sales system in which he has access to over 50 banking and non-banking products.

What could be the next steps?


We have already established that not everyone feels comfortable in the process of signing the contract via the Internet. Therefore, the Agent who calls the Customer is not an employee of the centralized hotline, but an Agent from the closest vicinity of the Customer who runs a credit bureau.

The agent may therefore invite the client to himself or make an appointment with the client in another place convenient for him. The contract will be signed in conditions that are comfortable and safe for the client.

The agent will be able to calmly explain to the customer all the provisions of the contract, fees in the product and basic concepts and answer all questions. The client will receive a schedule with information on how to repay the loan or credit. The customer will also be able to choose a convenient method of paying out the loan.