Loans and car leasing

Good Finance Leasing also became one of the leasing companies. Since 2011, its development has seen very rapid growth . Thanks to the newly introduced car leasing, Good Finance Leasing’s profit could grow by 35% during the year, while the company’s revenue reached EUR 57 million in 2011.

Not only car leasing, but also the general economic situation in Estonia at that time is a thank you for such rapid success. A few years before, a stable and prosperous state was itself a precondition for economic growth. Its internal climate in the financial market created a favorable climate for enhanced customer lending and investment activities at any level.

Achievements and progress


According to statistics, Good Finance Leasing’s customer base is expanding inexorably with each passing year, but existing customers are increasingly trusting their financial partners. In terms of economic performance, the company is growing in all areas of its operations. This could not be overlooked by modern financial expenses: Good Finance Leasing Bank was able to win the 5th position among Europe’s largest banks in terms of capitalization of its assets. Undoubtedly, this achievement became very popular, which led to a further increase in demand for Good Finance leasing services and reliability.

But that was not the end of the creditor’s achievements. Analytical agencies have repeatedly noted the growth, success and development of Good Finance leasing. Good Finance Leasing culminated in a recent event on October 1, 2017: Good Finance Leasing merged with DNB Bank, which had long been planned by both parties and was also welcomed by the European Commission (the EU has not even imposed any conditions on its action).

In this credit symbiosis, Good Finance Leasing was renamed Luminor. The concept of a “fresh” financial union has taken on a new vector for its mission: to create the most favorable credit conditions possible for people and businessmen who are developing at a fast pace and are enterprising. The new level of operation required the company to provide a new level of service, much higher quality, more convenient and more understandable.

Good Finance leasing service complex

Good Finance leasing service complex

Of course, today borrowers, or lessees, choose a financial assistant who represents credit services in a complex way. That is, by becoming a client of such a financial company, a natural person or company acquires their own current account, an opportunity to apply not only for a machine loan, but also for a home, an opportunity to borrow a small sum of money at any time for uncontrolled needs, etc.

Good Finance leasing has become just such a complex package of money services that everyone needs and needs. Such products can include insurance, purchase and sale, legal advice, online banking and many more. Good Finance Leasing’s rich experience in dealing with large and popular customers obliges the creditor to “armed” with all modern tools. And it is this unique feature of the company that has made it the only one on the market that has this quality of service .

Most customers turn to Good Finance Leasing through the creditor’s official website because it is designed to be as comprehensible as possible. The terms and conditions are provided separately for each financial product, but the customer always has a handy online calculator at their fingertips to help you evaluate your options or find out the monthly payment amount right from the start. You can also find many new and useful things on the website: tips on buying a car – for sale, tricks and nuances of legal transactions, etc.

By the way, Good Finance leasing does not hide all other expenses from its customers and this further increases the trust in the company.

Good Finance leasing car leasing

Good Finance leasing car leasing

Car leasing has been the most sought after banking business for many years , but Good Finance leasing has become a fate for this product.

There are two types of car leasing in the company: financial (at the end of the contract the customer fully buys the car), operational (long-term car rental). Of course, such different concepts cannot have the same conditions, so after familiarizing yourself with the programs, each client can choose the one that suits him or her optimally.