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Police departments in the United States have long used cars with big, powerful engines, like the Chevy Impala and Ford Explorer. However, recently police departments have switched to electric cars, such as Tesla. The latest to join the wave of electric police cars is in Texas, where Dallas County has added three Tesla Model 3 cars to its fleet.

Dallas County Police added Tesla Model 3, even though Tesla cars can’t be sold in Texas

Tesla Model 3 2022 | You’re here

The Dallas County Police Department has added three new Tesla Model 3 Performance cars. This follows police departments in California and New York recently adding electric vehicles to their fleets, as reported by CarBuzz.

The three Model 3s cost the Dallas County Police Department a total of $190,320. However, it is unclear how the Dallas County police purchased the Model 3s. Tesla is not permitted to sell its vehicles in Texas. It is one of the states that has strict dealer franchise laws in place.

Tesla and other startup automakers are banned from selling in Texas because they sell their cars directly to customers, not through a traditional dealership. To purchase a Model 3 in Texas, a customer must start the process online and then pick up the EV in a state that does not have dealership laws.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Delivers Quick Acceleration to Dallas County Police

Rear angled view of the blue 2022 Tesla Model 3, which was recently added to Texas Police

Tesla Model 3 2022 | You’re here

The most obvious advantage of the Tesla Model 3 for the Dallas County police is its very fast acceleration. The top-of-the-range Performance version is the fastest of the Model 3 versions. With its two electric motors and an all-wheel-drive system, it offers a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.1 seconds. The Model 3 Performance has a top speed of 162 mph. As CarBuzz noted, none of the 10 most stolen cars in the United States can “surpass a Model 3”.

Electric vehicles, such as the Model 3, have inherent performance advantages over gasoline-powered cars. With the instantaneous delivery of torque, electric cars can generally accelerate faster. Another benefit is that electric vehicles generally require less maintenance, as electric powertrains have fewer moving parts than gasoline engine powertrains. Considering the thousands of miles traveled by police cars each year, an easy-to-maintain car like the Model 3 should be beneficial to Dallas County police.

A disadvantage of electric cars for police departments is the relatively short range. However, compared to other EVs, the Model 3 Performance has a respectable range of 315 miles.

Tesla Model 3 Technology Benefits for Dallas County Police

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Another benefit of the Tesla Model 3 Performance for Dallas County Police is its abundance of cutting-edge technology. It offers live traffic visualization, satellite maps, personalized driver profiles and in-app vehicle location monitoring.

The Model 3 Performance also has a sentry mode, which monitors the vehicle for suspicious activity while parked. Additionally, to cope with the hot Texas weather, the Model 3 has a cabin overheat protection feature. And when Texas cops idle in their cars for a long time, they can conquer boredom with the Model 3’s video streaming and “caraoke.”

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