10 things we love about the new Lucid Air

Automakers have popped up like wild mushrooms over the past few years, and some of them have created some truly amazing and innovative vehicles. Brands like Canoo, Genesis and Karma are just a few of them. However, there is one brand that has had quite an impact, especially since its rebranding in 2016, and that is none other than Lucid Engines.

The company’s flagship luxury electric vehicle is called the Lucid Air and comes in many versions, some reasonably priced and others for deeper pockets. One thing is certain though: there is some craftsmanship going on, both in the interior and exterior design and in the mechanical components of the car.

The Lucid Air was first announced in November 2020. Since then several iterations of the car have entered production including the Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, Dream Edition line and finally the Dream Edition Performance which is also the main which we are going to be referenced in this post. The starting price for one of these futuristic luxury sedans is just $77,400, making it a fierce competitor to Tesla’s Model S.

Without further ado, here are our 10 favorite features of the Lucid Air.

ten Massage seats

Starting with some of the interior design, the Lucid Air comes with some really nice things and one of them is the seats. The car seats have a massage feature which will relax the driver as well as the passengers.

There are three spacious seats in the rear row, and you can also choose the Executive Rear Seating Group. This includes a few jet-style seats that tilt back for maximum comfort.

9 Ample storage space

The car manages storage ingeniously, providing the owner with SUV-level storage capabilities. The trunk lid opens to reveal a two-level trunk. Under the hood, you will also find a spacious trunk. As for the passenger compartment, you will find many small storage spaces such as storage compartments in the doors, without forgetting the bonus compartment which is located behind the retractable cockpit panel.

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8 Roof designed for stargazing

Featuring a huge glass canopy, the Lucid Air is designed so that all passengers can enjoy unobstructed views of the sky. The massive glass roof spans the entire cabin almost unobstructed. “But what about the sun’s glare?” you can ask. The answer is simple yet ingenious: even though the glass provides a crystal-clear viewing experience, it consists of multiple protective interlayers that block both heat and sunlight.

seven Huge battery

The Lucid Air has an official EPA range of 520 miles, which easily beats many Teslas and other luxury competitors. This means you can drive from San Diego to San Francisco on a single charge! Its fast charging capabilities qualify it for long trips as the battery will get enough power in 20 minutes of charging to provide a range of 300 miles.

6 Compact yet powerful motor

With choices offering single or dual engine configurations, there is an option for everyone. With a maximum power of up to 1,111 hp, the Lucid Air can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and reach a quarter mile in under 10 seconds. Lucid Air’s motors have the best size-to-power ratio you can find inside an electric vehicle, with each motor producing up to 670 hp while weighing less than 165 lbs.

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5 DreamDrive

DreamDrive is the official name given to Lucid Air’s advanced driver assistance system, also known as ADAS, and according to the manufacturer, is the most sophisticated found in an electric vehicle. It consists of 32 sensors including camera, radar and ultrasonic technologies as well as a high-resolution LIDAR system that uses laser beams to measure the distance of objects.

4 Maximum protection

The frame of the Lucid Air is comprised of bonded aluminum ensuring sturdy structural rigidity. The cabin offers passengers nine airbags. Additionally, the glass roof and windows are both laminated, so they require considerable force to shatter or shatter into larger pieces. As a result, chances are everyone will be safe and sound after an unwanted accident.

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3 Full surround sound system

Along with built-in goodies like Alexa, you can control various aspects of the car’s interior tech just by speaking. Lucid’s patented surreal sound is an immersive 21-speaker audio system that will elevate your entertainment. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and countless other apps are also supported.

2 Huge glass cockpit screen

The Lucid Air makes driving easier as the driver has access to a huge 34-inch 5K floating screen that surrounds the driver like in a jet cockpit. Essential information is placed in your field of vision. Vehicle controls are to your left, driving information in the center and navigation/media to your right. A retractable pilot panel sits in the center console offering deeper level controls.

1 Live update system

The Lucid Air is kept up to date because it can receive over-the-air updates via its fast and secure Ethernet-Ring data network. This means your driving experience will improve over time.

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