3-wheeled cars, Tesla drivers in the back, Crack closes a major bridge | Today in production Ep. 15

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Welcome to the Today in Manufacturing podcast, a new podcast brought to you by the editors of Manufacturing.net and Industrial Equipment News (IEN).

In each episode, we discuss the five biggest manufacturing stories and the implications they have for the future of the industry. This week, we are talking about:

Reopening of closed Remington gun factory

Gunsmith Remington filed for bankruptcy in July 2020 after 200 years in business. Roundhill Group bought part of the business for $ 13 million, which included the Remington plant in Ilion, New York. Roundhill recently recalled 230 workers from the plant and hopes to bring back hundreds of additional workers as production increases.

Tesla driver arrested for driving in backseat

A 25-year-old man has been arrested after riding in the backseat of a Tesla traveling on a San Francisco Bay highway. He said riding in the backseat was not dangerous and that he would continue to do so.

Tesla sued for breach of contract

A couple in Pennsylvania are suing Tesla’s solar roof. The couple agreed to pay $ 46,000 for a solar roof, six months later they received a notice saying the price had jumped over $ 30,000.

3-wheeler factory arrives in the United States.

ElectraMeccanica made a tiny, three-wheeled, single-passenger electric car called SOLO. This week, the company selected Mesa, Arizona, as the location for its assembly and engineering plant in the United States.

Crack closes the bridge from one state to another

A crack was discovered in the Interstate 40 bridge that connects Arkansas and Tennessee during a routine inspection. The crack forced thousands of trucks and cars to detour and stop shipping on a section of the Mississippi River. Inspectors discovered a “major fracture” in one of two horizontal 900-foot steel girders that are critical to the integrity of the bridge.

In case you missed it:

Spot Robot Dog Gets Fired From NYPD

The robot, which police dubbed “Digidog,” was going to be used to inspect dangerous areas and help keep officers safe, but public outcry forced the NYPD to cancel the $ 94,000 contract and fire the robot. at Boston Dynamics.

DARPA selects teams to create personalized protective biosystems

DARPA recently awarded contracts to FLIR Systems, Leidos and Charles River Analytics to develop lightweight materials and adaptable tissue protection countermeasures to provide on-demand, broad-spectrum, and rapid long-term protection.

Implant could end jet lag and food poisoning

In April 2020, DARPA launched the Advanced Acclimation and Protection Tool for Environmental Readiness program. The ADAPTER program aims to create new systems that allow soldiers to control their bodies. Like all humans, soldiers suffer from jet lag and food poisoning, which makes them less effective in critical missions.

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