Actor of the news 2021: N Chandrasekaran

The Tata group literally pulls on all cylinders. President N Chandra’s “One Tata Strategy” has played a crucial role in creating synergies within the group.

Earlier this year, Tata Motors became the toast of the city with the infusion of billion dollars (Rs 7,500 crore) by TPG Rise Climate. A fairly early precursor in the electric vehicle segment, this investment helped Tata Motors secure a definitive valuation and the funding needed for its future growth. One of the main forces behind the attack on electric vehicles was the chairman of the group with glasses, calm and always smiling, N Chandrasekaran.

Not exactly known as an automotive enthusiast, Chandra believes in continuing to “proactively invest in exciting products that delight customers.” Under his leadership, Tata group companies literally exploded and most of the shares of Tata group companies became multi-baggers in the past year. While Tata Motors has undoubtedly been one of the stars with a rally of over 20%, the group has seen its market capitalization increase by almost 70,000 crore in recent months. A key catalyst for this has been the Group’s synergies that the EV investment deploys, not only for Tata Motors but the global ecosystem.

As Chandra pointed out in a letter to her colleagues in January 2019, what really makes the difference is the “One Tata Strategy”. “Simplify, synergize and develop” have become the key mantra. He highlighted the synergies in place using the key example of Tata Motors: “Tata Motors is leading the efforts to develop an ecosystem of electric vehicles (EVs) in partnership with Tata Capital for financing and Tata Power for the charging infrastructure network. “

Interestingly, as 2021 draws to a close, Tata Motors is set to record one of the best resurgence stories, in terms of retail sales. Between April and November, its passenger vehicles saw robust growth of 85% year-on-year, and sales of electric vehicles are showing a three-fold increase. It will no doubt be interesting to see how the mobility business takes shape in the future. Industry insiders have hinted that there is a possibility that the passenger vehicle sector could be separated as a separate entity. Tata Motors has reportedly been in active talks with a prominent Chinese automaker, although they are now on hold due to growing political tensions between India and China.

Another interesting aspect to look forward to is the future of the CV industry. As the market leader, the company regularly records double-digit growth in monthly sales. Marc Llistosella’s brief appointment also underscored Chandra and the Group’s tendency to bring more traction to the commercial vehicle space.

There is no doubt that the passionate long-distance runner that is Chandra is looking to the future. The Group is said to be in talks with three states to set up a $ 300 million semiconductor assembly unit. And the industry’s vineyard wants the Tamil Nadu government to negotiate talks between Ford and Tata for the takeover of the old Maraimalai Nagar factory.

Chandrasekaran’s favorite painting is of a meditating Buddha seated near an elephant. It was once quoted: “I love how the peaceful Buddha can influence this giant creature. As the Tata Group gears up for the next decade, it goes without saying that this software salt giant that operates in over 90 countries and employs over 200,000 people will surely be remembered for how Chandra ran the company. until now. .

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