Arar border post expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue for Iraq

The Arar border crossing between Iraq and Saudi Arabia will help revive the Iraqi economy and generate some $ 1 billion in revenue in 2021, the crossing director said.

In statements to the press on Sunday, Habib Kadhim al-Ali said the crossing was officially open to trade and will also be open to travelers after the coronavirus-related restrictions on international travel are lifted.

“The relevant departments have fulfilled all their requirements for the full operation of the border post, at full capacity and 24 hours a day,” Ali said.

He said all material entering through the border must be officially cleared, which means it must have an official import permit. No material is allowed to enter without a license or certificate of origin.

The border post will become a “huge institution and offer great employment opportunities for residents of Anbar and Karbala provinces, in particular, and for Iraqis in general,” he added.

Customs clearance, transport companies and the establishment of a trade exchange zone will all take place on Iraqi territory, he continued. “It is a unique experience and will be carried out by Iraqi employees, which will increase employment opportunities.”

Incomes will be high and increase in the coming days, Ali noted, stressing that the border crossing would become a gateway for the Arab Gulf states and Egypt to export their products and goods to Iraq.

The State Corporation for Iraqi Trade Fairs and Services launched Iraqi fairs and import licenses through the Arar border post, he said.

The director said the company will start trading and entering shipments as soon as the goods are shipped from Saudi Arabia, which has been very flexible to avoid delays and ease the workflow.

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