Autonomy expands electric vehicle subscriptions to Fresno, unlocking green mobility accessible to more Californians

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Autonomy, the electric vehicle subscription company that offers the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3, has expanded its services to Fresno and surrounding cities, the company announced. society today.

Increasing electrification in Fresno County is seen by the Fresno Council of Governments as essential to meeting state emissions goals and contributing to public health and well-being, according to the plan. Board’s January 2021 Electric Vehicle Readiness Program.

Autonomy offers people living in the greater Fresno area greater access to green mobility with ease and flexibility not available with a traditional vehicle loan or lease. And when the average American spends nearly 52 minutes commuting every day, the vehicle that takes you there and the type of fuel matters.

“Our mission is to get more people using electric vehicles,” said Scott Painter, founder and CEO of Autonomy. “The Fresno Council of Governments recently established an Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan to drive adoption of electric vehicles and remove barriers to electrification. Fresno County has experienced lower electric vehicle penetration than the California average Autonomy is there to increase electric vehicle adoption and thus improve the overall quality of life of Fresnans.

Autonomy continues to expand its subscription service across the Golden State, recently adding the company’s subscription service to the cities of Sacramento, Orange County and San Diego. The company launched services in the San Francisco Bay Area for its market coverage in March and had a successful commercial launch in Los Angeles in January.

“California is the automotive capital of the world and an early adopter of disruptive new technologies that improve the quality of life,” Painter added. “We started in Los Angeles and are now excited about our launch in Fresno. We are seeing strong consumer demand and are rapidly expanding our presence across the state.”

Customers who want to drive a Tesla Model 3 will have access to Autonomy’s fast, easy and affordable subscription service. With new pricing announced in March, Autonomy’s monthly subscription costs less than Tesla’s own lease or finance plans. Subscribers can reserve a Model 3 through the Autonomy app or website after a $100 refundable deposit. A payment dial allows customers to customize subscriptions starting at $490 per month with an initial start-up fee of $4,900, up to $1,000 per month with an initial start-up fee of $1,000. A $500 refundable security deposit is required when subscription is activated.

“Fresno County could have more than 170,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on the road by 2030, according to a forecast by Energeia,” said Georg Bauer, co-founder and president of Autonomy. “The strategies outlined in the county’s electric vehicle readiness plan are sure to further promote the use of electric vehicles, making it even more convenient for consumers looking to get an Autonomy subscription.”

Autonomy’s monthly payment covers traditional costs of ownership, including annual registration and license fees, routine maintenance, roadside assistance and normal tire wear, all of which are additional expenses with a traditional lease or loan. In addition to the cost advantage, Autonomy drivers have the option of subscribing month-to-month after a minimum waiting period of three months. The platform is a viable market option for those unwilling or unable to afford the long-term commitment of buying or leasing an electric car. Autonomy’s subscription model offers a radical new solution to the growing demand for electric cars. An added benefit is the company’s stock of 3 models that are available for delivery within weeks, compared to waiting six to nine months for a lease or loan.

How to subscribe:

  1. Download the Autonomy app from the App Store (coming soon to Android)

  2. Scan your driver’s license and digital payment method

  3. Make your first payment through the app

  4. Schedule your pickup or delivery

Autonomy is the first US company to offer a full monthly subscription for a Tesla Model 3, with other popular EV models planned for the near future. Founded by serial automotive entrepreneurs Scott Painter (CarsDirect, TrueCar, Fair) and Georg Bauer (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, Fair), Autonomy is designed to deliver a fast and efficient customer experience. A vehicle can be ordered on the app in as little as 10 minutes and picked up from a sales center or scheduled for delivery within a week while supplies last.

Autonomy recently received $83 million in debt and equity financing to support its expansion.


Autonomy is a technology company whose mission is to make access to mobility easy and affordable through car subscriptions. The company was founded by automotive retail, auto finance and auto insurance disruptors Scott Painter and Georg Bauer, who founded Fair, the first-ever, pioneering used car subscription offer. of the Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) category. Building on this experience, Autonomy has created a turnkey vehicle subscription platform for consumers and the automotive industry that allows vehicle subscriptions to cost-effectively scale and become a mainstream alternative to purchase of traditional cars. Autonomy innovates through technology, finance and insurance to power automotive subscriptions for the battery, electric vehicle and zero-emission vehicle sectors. Autonomy relies on partnerships with automakers and physical car dealerships to deliver consumer and industry benefits. Self-reliance represents the absence of long-term debt, the absence of long-term commitments, and even the absence of fossil fuels. It means new choices and more control over your financial well-being. Autonomy is based in Santa Monica, California.

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