Autopilot can see, respond to emergency lights at night

San Francisco: Electric vehicle company Tesla said it has updated its autopilot software to slow down when it detects emergency vehicle lights at night.

In an update to its upcoming Model 3 and Y user manual with software update 2021.24.12, Tesla added new language on capacity, reports Electrek.

“If Model3 / ModelY detects the lights of an emergency vehicle while using the Autosteer at night on a high-speed road, the driving speed is automatically reduced and the touchscreen displays a message informing you slowdown, ”the report said.

“You’ll also hear a chime and see a reminder to keep your hands on the wheel. When the light detections pass or stop appearing, the autopilot resumes your cruising speed. Alternatively, you can press the accelerator to resume cruising speed, ”he added.

Interestingly, Tesla specifies that this new ability works specifically “at night”.

The automaker also adds this important warning.

“Never rely on autopilot functionality to determine the presence of emergency vehicles. Model3 / ModelY may not detect emergency vehicle lights in all situations. Keep your eyes on your driving path and always be prepared to take immediate action, ”according to the report.

New language on Tesla Autopilot’s new capability was added after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced last month that it was opening an investigation into Tesla Autopilot into possible involvement in 11 crashes with emergency and first aid vehicles.

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