California start-up that created world’s smartest tractor gets $ 61 million boost

The Monarch Tractor, a company based in Livermore, Calif., Caught everyone’s attention when it presented the most futuristic vehicle ever imagined in the agricultural industry. At the end of 2020, this electric and autonomous tractor was ready to make farming more efficient. Almost a year later, a considerable financial boost confirms its potential.

At first glance, it might not be clear why someone would take the time to design and build a tractor with the advanced features of some of the most innovative cars. Not only does agriculture face labor and sustainability issues, it also turns out that tractors emit up to 14 times more toxic particles than a car. Monarch touted the MK-V as an answer to all of these issues, combining zero-emission operation with highly advanced performance features.

The California startup recently secured $ 61 million in a Series B funding round led by Astanor Ventures, which is a significant step on the road to making the MK-V available on a large scale. The company added that it will use this funding to expand its product offering and lead “international pilot test programs for regional market validation. “

What has been dubbed “the smartest tractor in the world”Is a 70-HP electric vehicle that claims to make the driver optional, while operating with zero emissions and incorporating a unique capacity for data collection and analysis. Using a camera with 360 degree views, the MK-V can collect up to 240 GB of crop-related data. The integrated smart display also includes a live interactive map with weather information, in addition to several user-friendly controls.

It is also said that the MK-V can run for over ten hours and even serve as a back-up power generator when needed. Monarch has also developed a battery swap cart that can help the electric tractor continue beyond those ten hours, for agricultural projects that require 24 hour operation.

With more electric and autonomous vehicles expected on the road from now on, Monarch is poised to bring this innovation to crop fields as well.

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