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Grid faces colossal challenge | Columns

America’s energy future will be shaped to a large extent by two new tensions that are rapidly converging. A massive number of electric vehicles (EVs) will soon populate our roads, but our country’s electricity grid is unfortunately not prepared to provide the additional capacity needed to power these vehicles. Even …

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Sila Nanotechnologies: 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50

Founders: Gene Berdichevsky (CEO), Gleb Yushin, Alex JacobsLaunched: 2011Headquarter: Alameda, CaliforniaFunding: $ 925 millionEvaluation: $ 3.3 billionKey technologies: NanotechnologyIndustry: AutomotivePrevious appearances on the Disruptor 50 roster: 0 Lithium-ion batteries have been commercially available since 1991, and yet the chemistry that allows these rechargeable batteries to power everything from our smartphones …

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