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Retail vehicle sales rose sharply in July on a sequential basis, largely due to pent-up demand and a greater preference for personal mobility to avoid infection and the reopening of dealerships in most States.

Retail sales had plunged in April and May due to an explosive increase in covid cases that led to the closure of concessions and factories.

Sales in passenger vehicle (PV) showrooms rose 42.14% to 261,744 units in July from 184,134 units in June, according to data released Monday by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (Fada ).

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Back on track

The auto industry had been under pressure since the first week of April when Maharashtra implemented strict lockdowns. Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have followed suit. Most automakers and parts suppliers have either stopped production or drastically reduced production.

However, some manufacturers such as Bajaj Auto Ltd continued to operate with limited capacity to meet export orders. With infections steadily declining, especially in northern and southern India, most businesses resumed operations from mid-May.

Vehicle sales are generally compared with those of the corresponding periods. However, in March and May 2020, automakers had to close factories and showrooms due to a strict nationwide lockdown. Operations remained suspended until the first week of May and, in some cases, until early June.

Fada chairman Vinkesh Gulati said most states, except some in the south, relaxed covid restrictions from June, leading to increased vehicle sales in July.

“While all categories (of auto sales) were in the green, PV maintained good demand as customers continued to show interest in vehicles to respect social distancing and for the safety of their families. The two-wheeler category, although in green, has seen a smoother recovery as the rural market is slow to recover from post-covid stress, “he said.

At the same time, the recovery in manufacturing and construction activity led to a 46% increase in new commercial vehicle registrations to 52,130 units, albeit on a very low basis. Declining cases of covid in rural markets and easing of curbs resulted in a sequential 21.7% increase in retail sales of two-wheelers to 1.13 million units.

Retail sales are showing signs of recovery, but PV makers could struggle to maintain momentum amid production disruptions caused by a global shortage of semiconductor chips. Price increases by companies to offset rising commodity prices can also affect demand.

Retail sales data are consistent with data on wholesale sales or factory shipments reported by automakers in July. Wholesale sales of Maruti Suzuki increased 9.83% sequentially to 136,500 units. Hyundai posted an increase of 18.63% to 48,042 units in July.

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Fundraising goal met to paint murals on rusty railway viaducts in Muskegon http://sfeva.org/fundraising-goal-met-to-paint-murals-on-rusty-railway-viaducts-in-muskegon/ http://sfeva.org/fundraising-goal-met-to-paint-murals-on-rusty-railway-viaducts-in-muskegon/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:35 +0000 http://sfeva.org/fundraising-goal-met-to-paint-murals-on-rusty-railway-viaducts-in-muskegon/

MUSKEGON, MI – A mural project on two rusty railway bridges in Muskegon is coming true after a crowdfunding effort raised $ 50,000.

The MuskegonCity Public Art Initiative (MCPAI) kicked off fundraising in December to transform both sides of the tracks on Seaway Drive between Laketon and Hackley avenues.

The $ 50,000 will be matched by Michigan Economic Development Corporation public and community spaces for a total of $ 100,000.

“I’m always in awe of what Muskegon can do,” said Judy Hayner, Project Director at MCPAI.

Related: Muskegon crowdfunding campaign aims to turn rusty railroad bridges into murals

With the funding obtained, MCPAI is now focusing on the logistics of carrying out the project.

The Muskegon Bridge has already been cleaned and primed, and the plan is to prepare the Muskegon Heights-Norton Shores Bridge in April. Hayner hopes artists will paint by mid-May with the project completed by Memorial Day.

A public vote selected four artists and designs last year.

The $ 100,000 raised through the fundraising effort will cover approximately half of the $ 212,000 cost of the project. The remainder comes from MCPAI, a grant from the Howmet Aerospace Foundation and $ 68,000 supported by the city of Muskegon to clean up its bridge.

The viaducts are owned by CSX Transportation, and Hayner said it was “historic” to involve the railways in the project.

“This is further proof of the uniqueness of Muskegon,” said Hayner. “Muskegon is an interesting city because I think it’s big enough to have a lot of good assets, but it’s also small enough that you can shake things up.

Learn more about MLive:

History of Black Owned Businesses in Muskegon Highlights ‘Entrepreneurial Gene’

Albion College launches partnership with WMU medical school

Michigan has not reported any post-vaccination COVID-19 infections, but here’s why it’s possible

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Philadelphia Eagles roster breakdown: offensive line appears to bounce back from tough season http://sfeva.org/philadelphia-eagles-roster-breakdown-offensive-line-appears-to-bounce-back-from-tough-season/ http://sfeva.org/philadelphia-eagles-roster-breakdown-offensive-line-appears-to-bounce-back-from-tough-season/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:32 +0000 http://sfeva.org/philadelphia-eagles-roster-breakdown-offensive-line-appears-to-bounce-back-from-tough-season/

The 2020 NFL season ended with Super Bowl LV on Sunday night. With the offseason officially upon us, we’re taking a look at every position in the Philadelphia Eagles list and what awaits us this offseason. The franchise has already undergone major changes last month since its season ended. And there seems to be more on the horizon. We will try to figure out what that might look like in this series. Next step: offensive line.

Previously: Quarterbacks, ball carriers, wide receivers, tight ends.

PHILADELPHIA – All things considered, the Eagles the offensive line situation could have been much worse last season. Two starters were lost before the start of the season. Four other offensive linemen who started the games ended the year on the injured reserve. Another made a stint in the injured reserve during the season.

In all, the Eagles have used 14 different offensive line combinations in 16 games, and while it was difficult to watch at times, the reality could have been much worse. This is in large part thanks to match coordinator and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who is retained by new coach Nick Sirianni.

But the Eagles enter the 2021 offseason with important questions about what the offensive line will look like this fall and beyond, and there could be changes to a few positions.

Philadelphia looks set to return at least three starters to their current positions in left guard Isaac Seumalo, right guard Brandon Brooks and right tackle Lane Johnson. Seumalo missed seven games with a knee injury, while Johnson underwent end-of-season surgery in November after bouncing in and out of the roster. Brooks tore his Achilles in June and missed the season.

Read more: Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff: 5 thoughts on Nick Sirianni’s initial squad

Brooks and Johnson are two of the highest paid players in their posts, but both have struggled with injuries over the past three seasons, and part of the offensive line’s success has been linked to their performances in 2021. Seumalo has been solid but not spectacular in its role.

But the other two positions could be in the air. Center Jason Kelce has been honest knowing that the end of his career is coming sooner rather than later. The 33-year-old was the only Eagles offensive player to start all 16 games this season, and he missed just four snaps. He might not want to undergo reconstruction. Seumalo could slide down the middle if he retires.

Then there is the left tackle. Andre Dillard entered the season as a thrown left tackle starter, but suffered a bicep injury in training camp. Jason Peters slipped off the right guard, then when he missed October with a toe injury, Jordan Mailata entered the starting lineup. Peters returned to the starting lineup when he was healthy, but Mailata eventually returned to the lineup for the stretch race. He missed the last game of the season with a concussion.

Peters, 39, told a tv channel that he wants to play another season, but it probably won’t be in Philadelphia. That leaves Dillard, the 2019 first-round pick, and Mailata, the 2018 seventh-round pick who had never played football before, for that spot. There were questions about Dillard’s future this past offseason, and the Eagles will be looking to see if he can reach the potential that made him the No.22 overall pick.

Read more: Philadelphia Eagles announce Nick Sirianni coaching staff

Mailata, meanwhile, may have been the most pleasant surprise of the 2020 season, and Stoutland has a lot to do with it. Its ceiling seems quite high.

Looking ahead, an interesting side effect of all of the injuries last season is that many young players have seen extended playing time, including Nate Herbig, Jack Driscoll, Matt Pryor, Sua Opeta and Brett Toth. Stoutland likes young people, development prospects, and Herbig and Driscoll seemed to be doing well. Depending on what’s going on with Kelce, Herbig could be a candidate for a starting position, while Driscoll looks set to be a top replacement.

Sirianni’s initial staff with the Eagles had few intriguing names, but the smartest move he made was to keep Stoutland, who has been with the squad since 2013. Players like Kelce, Brooks and Johnson have taken their games to the next level under Stoutland’s tutelage, while his work with Mailata and other young players has been impressive.

The Eagles have so many questions about their roster, and the offensive line is no different, but it’s a position where it’s easier to feel a little better going forward with Stoutland returning. Still, given the injuries in recent seasons, Stoutland needs a lot of young players who are ready to play.

Read more: Eagles roster breakdown: wide receiver group presents plenty of questions again

Daniel Gallen covers the Philadelphia Eagles for PennLive. He can be contacted at dgallen@pennlive.com. You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook. Follow PennLive’s Philadelphia Eagles coverage on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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Bill Gross seeks to end fight with neighbor over sculpture http://sfeva.org/bill-gross-seeks-to-end-fight-with-neighbor-over-sculpture/ http://sfeva.org/bill-gross-seeks-to-end-fight-with-neighbor-over-sculpture/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:30 +0000 http://sfeva.org/bill-gross-seeks-to-end-fight-with-neighbor-over-sculpture/

After hours of testimony and weeks in the spotlight on a lawn art dispute, billionaire bond investor Bill Gross has had enough.

Shortly before testimony continued on Monday in a dispute over a million-dollar glass sculpture outside his Laguna Beach home, Gross called for an end to hostilities.

In an open letter to neighbor Mark Towfiq, Pimco co-founder – who has been accused of playing the theme song ‘Gilligan’s Island’ on repeat to annoy his neighbor – claimed their disagreement had spiraled out of control amid the pandemic in Classes. Both parties are seeking civil harassment orders and have sued each other.

“Those who know me and know my story also know that I do not back down on purpose from a fight,” Gross wrote. “But this situation has worsened disproportionately to the real issues at stake, which are insignificant compared to a world in which thousands of people die and suffer every day, while many more are out of work and seeking. desperately to pay the rent and to feed themselves. Their families. “

Gross called on both sides to “calculate all of our respective legal fees and court costs that we have already spent and will be spending in this battle on multiple fronts, to agree to end all hostilities and return the proceeds to the Orange County food banks and other charities providing essential assistance during this time of need.

The offer will not be accepted, said one of Towfiq’s attorneys.

“It’s only billionaire Bill Gross trying to shirk responsibility for his horrific behavior. He gravely loses the case and is literally on the verge of being cross-examined on his harassment and lies, which he is desperate to avoid, ”lawyer Jennifer Keller said in an email to The Times.

Gross and his partner, former professional tennis player Amy Schwartz, installed the 22-foot-long statue last year. The piece features cobalt-colored reeds stretching nearly 10 feet in height, swimming marlins and globes inspired by traditional Japanese blown glass fishing floats.

In a lawsuit that has gone on and off since last month, Towfiq said he had no problem with the lawn sculpture by blown glass artist Dale Chihuly. However, he testified that he was upset when a safety net was put in place this year and it rarely, if ever, descended. This prompted him to file a complaint with the town of Laguna Beach, which sent Gross a letter saying the sculpture and net were under license.

Towfiq testified that the letter to the town appeared to have triggered Gross, who harassed him by playing loud music at all hours, including and most importantly the theme song from the classic TV show “Gilligan’s Island”.

Towfiq’s attorneys are still taking their case to Orange County Superior Court and have called Laguna Beach Police, who responded to complaints about the loud music, to testify. Gross’s attorneys, meanwhile, have attempted to portray Towfiq as a voyeur, pointing to the cameras he set up in his home and the iPhone recordings he made of Gross, Schwartz and music.

Gross’s offer to end the litigation does not specify any conditions regarding the safety net. Keller called the offer a “selfish press release” and “a blow to stem the tide of negative press that the public exposure of Gross’s shares produced.

“If he really wanted to settle the matter, he would agree in writing to stop the illegal harassment, to remove the illegal ‘art installation’ and the football-like net, to apologize to Mr Towfiq for his terrible lies about him and to compensate Mr. Towfiq for the attorney fees that Gross forced him to spend, “she said.

Gross later responded that despite what he called Towfiq’s “vindictive and selfish” rejection, he intended to donate the equivalent of his expected legal fees to Laguna Beach and County charities. Orange by Friday.

“My offer to Mr. Towfiq was never intended to ‘buy’ my exit from this business. It’s about setting aside time in court for bigger disputes and providing something of value to our community, not for the benefit of one side or the other, except to end hostilities, ”said the Minister. release from Gross.

An audio expert testified for Gross on Monday that the iPhone used by Towfiq to record the theme song “Gilligan’s Island” and other loud music was not a reliable sound-measuring device. But before he could be cross-examined, the case was halted when a lawyer for Gross and Schwartz said she had just learned that the couple may have been exposed to the coronavirus by a “certain no one near “them.

The trial will resume on Thursday with remote testimony from a real estate agent and a former neighbor of Towfiq. Gross and Schwartz will not testify until they are tested for the coronavirus and complete quarantine. Even if they don’t test positive themselves, it is not certain that the case will end by the end of the year as it does not happen every day and the rest of the testimony will be given in person.

The case gained media attention because of Gross’s wealth and reputation. He retired last year with net worth estimated at $ 1.5 billion, according to Forbes. He made his big fortune at Pimco, the Newport Beach bond house he co-founded in 1971, but left in 2014 in an acrimonious split as yields fell and investors left. Gross also experienced a contentious divorce from his second wife, with both parties obtaining restraining orders.

Towfiq, 56, is an entrepreneur from Orange County who has worked in the tech industry. he endured a long legal battle to build his home after buying the property on a stretch of the South Coast Highway in 2009. A neighbor opposed the project, citing its proximity, effects on coastal access and other issues. This case was raised in the ongoing lawsuit by Gross’s lawyers in an attempt to prove that Towfiq is in dispute with its neighbors.

Gross and Schwartz bought the property next to Towfiq for $ 32 million in 2018, just a month after purchasing another beachfront property in Laguna Beach for nearly $ 36 million.

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All banks have restructured loans except one – BoU http://sfeva.org/all-banks-have-restructured-loans-except-one-bou/ http://sfeva.org/all-banks-have-restructured-loans-except-one-bou/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:28 +0000 http://sfeva.org/all-banks-have-restructured-loans-except-one-bou/

All supervised financial institutions except one have given some sort of credit relief to their customers as a measure to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

The Bank of Uganda’s financial stability report for June found that only one financial institution, which the report does not mention, did not provide any credit relief because it did not receive any applications.
Daily Monitor had not independently determined which financial institution it was.

Dr Fred Muhumuza, professor of economics at Makerere University over the weekend, said it could be because clients saw no interest in the restructuring or that the bank had received some requests, had them examined but refused.

On the other hand, other supervised financial institutions provided credit relief in July on loans worth 5.9 trillion shillings.

“The total loans granted in April, May, June and July amounted to 5.9 trillion shillings,” the report said.
“The stock of loans, which were subject to credit relief at all banking institutions at the end of July, stood at 4.8 trillion shillings, equivalent to 31.2 percent of the total. loans, ”the report adds.

Earlier this year, the Bank of Uganda ordered commercial banks to restructure lending to individuals and businesses as the Covid-19-induced lockdown affected businesses and economies around the world.


The report reveals that financial institutions have responded to requests from their clients and adhered to the instructions of the Bank of Uganda. “The acceptance rate of requests for credit relief was very high at 98.3%, with 893,018 requests approved out of 895,241 requests,” the report partially states.

It is also reported that the trade, real estate, manufacturing and transportation sectors have benefited the most from restructuring.

Ready to repay
Loan restructuring began in April, during which time over Shs2 trillion in loans was restructured.
According to BoU, the initial credit relief granted in the form of a loan repayment holiday in April-May 2020, which was estimated at 1.3 trillion shillings, is starting to expire.

Commenting on the likelihood of companies paying off the loans, Dr Muhumuza said that while some companies, especially transport companies such as motorcycles and buses, have resumed operations, many others are still under lockdown or semi-lockdown.

This presents a very high probability that maturing loans will turn into bad or non-performing loans. “A number of businesses have not recovered, the arcades have just started to reopen, the schools are still closed, they also had loans, hotels, lodges, all of this still does not work. If they restructured them, they automatically become NPLs, ”he said.

Nonperforming Loans (NPLs) currently stand at 5.8 percent and are expected to increase if borrowers continue to struggle and are unable to regularly maintain their laons.

The central bank also revealed that the increase in NPLs in the quarter through June 2020, which affected the asset quality of banks, is mainly attributed to the deterioration of the real estate, trade and financial sectors. households.
Banks noted, however, that there had been a challenge in restructuring loans occasioned by limited access to customers due to pandemic containment measures and borrower misconceptions about the eligibility and terms of restructured loans. .

[email protected]

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“Solve the problem of poor access to unsecured loans, strengthen SFCs to help unleash the true potential of MSMEs” http://sfeva.org/solve-the-problem-of-poor-access-to-unsecured-loans-strengthen-sfcs-to-help-unleash-the-true-potential-of-msmes/ http://sfeva.org/solve-the-problem-of-poor-access-to-unsecured-loans-strengthen-sfcs-to-help-unleash-the-true-potential-of-msmes/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:26 +0000 http://sfeva.org/solve-the-problem-of-poor-access-to-unsecured-loans-strengthen-sfcs-to-help-unleash-the-true-potential-of-msmes/ The government should conduct a voluntary certification program for MSMEs to encourage them to adopt global standards.

Indian Union Budget 2021-22 | Ease of doing business for MSMEs: In the Union budget 2021-2022, the Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman made a real effort to boost the economy by relying on essential growth areas such as infrastructure, affordable housing, health care , agriculture and MSMEs. The FM announced several measures that would have a positive impact on startups and MSMEs. The first is an increase in capital spending for the sector of Rs 15,700 crore from Rs 7,572 crore, which reaffirms the government’s commitment to economic reforms, improving the ease of doing business and l ‘increased infrastructure spending.

Other measures that would impact startups and MSMEs are to reduce the compliance burden on small businesses. The Minister of Finance proposed to decriminalize certain offenses under the Limited Liability Company (LLP) and increase the turnover limit for small businesses under the Companies Act 2013. in court income tax appeal and increasing turnover limit for audit exemption to Rs 10 crores. Non reopening of files older than 3 years, exemption from TDS, Rationalization of Double Taxation and Tax Advance System.

The increase in tariffs on certain products in sectors like metal chemicals, plastics, solar cells and others will undoubtedly support the ‘Make in Indiainitiative. To be an integral part of the global supply value chain, MSMEs in India must adopt international quality standards to accept their products and services in the global market. Therefore, we hope to see the government strengthen the local infrastructure for testing and certification of products and services in the coming times. This would support MSMEs by reducing the additional costs incurred to have products tested in foreign markets.

As India strengthens its position of strength on the global stage, the MSME sector would benefit from internationally recognized laboratories and testing facilities for various sectors. Such efforts should be supported by a voluntary certification program for MSMEs to be encouraged to adopt global standards. As India progresses towards a $ 5,000 billion economy, addressing issues such as lack of access to unsecured loans, strengthening state financial corporations, etc. would help unleash the true potential of the segment.

Read also : Reliance Expands JioMart E-Commerce Branch to Jewelry; offers free shipping

E-commerce is emerging as a convenient platform for MSMEs to reach consumers located in remote areas. However, the introduction of TDS on e-commerce sellers with gross sales of goods above Rs 5 lakh may block the liquidity of SME sellers on digital platforms and prove counterproductive for the industry. For startups, in order to promote more one-person businesses (OPCs), the Minister of Finance announced the easing of standards by reducing the residence limit for non-resident Indians from 182 days to 120 days. Previously, only Indian residents could set up one-person companies. This decision is expected to promote more startups in India and generate employment opportunities.

These start-ups would also be allowed to convert to another type of business without too many restrictions. In an effort to encourage investment in startups, the government has also proposed an extension of the eligibility of requests for tax exemptions as well as a capital gains exemption for investing in startups until March 31, 2021.

Previously, via the Startup India Scheme launched by the government aimed at creating jobs and wealth. On January 16, 2021, the Prime Minister announced the “Startup India Seed Fund” worth Rs 1,000 Cr to help startups and support the ideas of budding entrepreneurs. This was to ensure that startups do not encounter any capital deficit. Recognizing the role of incubators in stimulating startups, the Atal Incubation Center was created under Niti Ayog. It was intended for students, researchers and newly created organizations. A self-sufficient India attempts to build on five pillars: economy, infrastructure, technology-driven system, dynamic demographics and demand. We hope that the swift implementation of all measures will ensure socio-economic growth as envisioned in the budget.

Deepak Sood is the general secretary of Assocham. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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Wolverine submits plan to clean up PFAS landfill by planting 4,000 trees http://sfeva.org/wolverine-submits-plan-to-clean-up-pfas-landfill-by-planting-4000-trees/ http://sfeva.org/wolverine-submits-plan-to-clean-up-pfas-landfill-by-planting-4000-trees/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:22 +0000 http://sfeva.org/wolverine-submits-plan-to-clean-up-pfas-landfill-by-planting-4000-trees/

BELMONT, MI – There are approximately 34,000 cubic meters of leather manufacturing waste loaded with PFAS buried at Wolverine World Wide House Street garbage dump in Belmont, where, for more than 50 years, it has fed a plume that poisons the aquifer that residents draw for drinking water.

Digging up this material and moving it to a lined landfill designed for hazardous waste would take more than three years and cost around $ 200 million, according to a study of clean-up options developed by the company’s environmental consultant.

On the other hand, leaving this waste in the ground and planting trees above it with a small cover to mitigate rainwater infiltration in a few places would take a few years and cost the company between $ 6 and $ 12 million to to build.

Guess which option Wolverine offers.

“The PFAS sucker tree plan – that’s what I call it,” said Sandy Wynn-Stelt, a widow living next to the landfill who also sits on an advisory board established by the US Environmental Protection Agency which is review proposed cleaning.

On February 19, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) received a feasibility study on cleaning up Wolverine’s House Street, who comes up with his plan as part of a consent decree negotiated between the state, the company and two local townships which was approved by a federal judge in Grand Rapids early last year.

The regulations structure Wolverine’s cleaning obligations at House Street and its former tannery site in downtown Rockford, where decades of leather manufacturing and recycling center nearby gave rise to a major drinking water contamination crisis which attracted national attention and sparked a epidemiological health study local residents.

Wolverine asks EGLE to approve a “Phyto-Cap“An option that would use tree roots to extract contamination from the soil through a process known as ‘phytoremediation.’ It follows Wolverine’s proposal to turn the already heavily forested 76-acre property into a nature reserve with hiking trails; an idea that was not warmly welcomed by the neighbors.

Following: Park proposed for the infamous PFAS landfill

Neighbors and the EPA advisory group are skeptical of the phytoplan and say the entire feasibility study lacks detail. Nonetheless, the shoe company has promoted phytoremediation this winter through stakeholder meetings, blog posts, FAQs, press announcements, and free and user-friendly community media like the Rockford Squire.

Wolverine called the plan “complete” in a statement, but did not say whether he would actively pursue phytoremediation despite the neighbors’ formal objection.

“Wolverine Worldwide recently proposed a comprehensive remediation plan for its House Street property, which reflects the valuable feedback received from residents, community groups and local officials,” the company said. “This ‘Phyto-Cap’ plan uses a combination of two methods to achieve remediation goals under the consent decree, while improving the property and area with up to 4,000 new trees and avoiding deforestation of over 30 acres. “

However, not everyone is sold.

“We have a lot of unanswered questions,” said AJ Birkbeck, an environmental lawyer who previously helped expose pollution and who is part of the EPA Community Advisory Group (CAG). “It appears that important information is missing, such as the duration of phytoremediation and the impact of various options on the plume.”

Phytoremediation isn’t the only option Wolverine has for dealing with House Street waste. There are several in the 108-page feasibility study, of which 53 pages consist of resumes and other qualifying documents promoting projects by Wolverine’s consultant, GZA GeoEnvironmental.

The study compares the viability of five cleaning options with wide cost ranges and limited ability to impact the amount of PFAS already released into the environment. A sixth option involving “no further action” is included but, in practice, is excluded by the consent decree.

The cost and viability of remediation options vary, but substantial capping of waste is generally more expensive and would take at least several years. This allowed Wolverine to claim that phytoremediation would lead to less truck traffic in the neighborhood compared to more expensive remedies.

The options considered are:

1) Excavating and trucking the waste to a landfill, which would cost up to $ 200.2 million to design and build with up to $ 60,000 in annual maintenance.

2) Dig the waste and place it in a new lined containment cell at the site that would cost up to $ 28.4 million to design and build, with up to $ 700,000 in annual maintenance.

3) Install extraction wells along House Street to remove contaminated groundwater and pump it through an activated carbon filtration system that would cost up to $ 16.3 million to design and build with up to $ 730,000 in annual maintenance.

4) Consolidate waste under a permanent 30-acre cap that would cost up to $ 18.4 million to design and build, with up to $ 120,000 in annual maintenance.

5) Perform phytoremediation with small areas of overlap that would cost up to $ 12.5 million to design and build with up to $ 180,000 in annual maintenance.

Unfortunately, the contamination of House Street is half a century ahead. According to the study, none of the options would have a short-term impact on the amount of PFAS already leached into local groundwater. The cleanup under the consent decree would only result in eliminating or reducing the overflow from the source.

Fortunately, tap water in the area has been treated with in-home filtration, restrictions on the use of wells, and new Plainfield Township water main that began being laid last year.

But, there are also natural resources and a larger potable water supply to consider. One of the goals of the consent decree is to reduce contamination entering the Rogue River, which lies about a mile and a half to the southeast at its closest point. The Rogue is a tributary of the Grand River, which empties into Lake Michigan, and the adequacy of Wolverine’s plans reducing PFAS entering the river was also questioned by the CAG.

EGLE regulators must approve Wolverine’s proposed plan and an unlined cap of 30 acres is the default option if EGLE and the company fail to come to an agreement.

Covering the contamination under an impermeable layer of clay is a common practice in closed landfills and other pollution sites to reduce the infiltration of rain and meltwater, which can exacerbate and help spread the disease. contamination of groundwater.

Wolverine capped five small areas at the site in 2019 under an EPA order to remediate other contaminants in addition to PFAS, over which the agency does not have the authority to enforce remediation because that the chemicals have not yet been officially designated under the Superfund Act as “dangerous” – although Democrats in Washington aim to change that this year.

The state will seek public comment on the plan from March 11 to April 17 and will hold a virtual town hall on Wednesday, March 31. Details will be published on the site page on the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) website.

Denise Trabbic-Pointer, a retired chemical engineer from DuPont consulting for the Michigan Sierra Club chapter, has reviewed the feasibility study and believes it lacks details.

“It’s not very technical,” said Trabbic-Pointer, who asked if there is enough scientific literature to demonstrate the effectiveness of phytoremediation with PFAS and the time taken to gain practical benefit.

In blog posts and stakeholder meetings, Wolverine has presented cleanup as a binary choice between trees or a 30-acre cap, which, in a FAQ page, he said he “would not remove any PFAS from the soil like the Phyto-Cap option”. However, Trabbic-Pointer said the amount of PFAS trees could sequester appears to be “small, compared to what this site has.”

She noted that the feasibility study includes other options and that a final remedy might involve a combination. “They also have to set up the pumping and the treatment,” she thinks.

Wynn-Stelt said she would like if there was a natural way to clean up the property, which was once used as a Christmas tree farm in the decades after dumping ended in the 1960s.

She is not convinced that planting trees is a real solution, but she is also not in favor of the more expensive option.

Hauling the waste off the site to another landfill “just takes it to someone else’s yard,” said Wynn-Stelt, who has become a nationally recognized PFAS activist following the discovery. contamination four years ago.

“Digging it up and putting it back in a doubled unit is probably the most logical thing,” she said. “Would I like that personally?” No. It would take years and I would have to bake billions of cookies for each truck driver to keep them from backing up to my mailbox.

For the neighbors, she sees a choice between bad options.

“There is no right solution to this,” said Wynn-Stelt. “This neighborhood is screwed up all over the place. Either we sacrifice the community and say ‘of course let’s plant trees in the forest’ or we bite the bullet and force them to take care of it at the expense of our own quality of life. “

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3M to pay $ 55 million in Michigan PFAS settlement

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PFAS activist says blood tests likely saved her life

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Semi Ojeleye injury: Celtics forward leaves match with pain in right knee http://sfeva.org/semi-ojeleye-injury-celtics-forward-leaves-match-with-pain-in-right-knee/ http://sfeva.org/semi-ojeleye-injury-celtics-forward-leaves-match-with-pain-in-right-knee/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:21 +0000 http://sfeva.org/semi-ojeleye-injury-celtics-forward-leaves-match-with-pain-in-right-knee/

BOSTON – The day after her best performance of the season, Semi Ojeleye’s night ended early.

The Celtics forward left Friday’s game against the Pistons with pain in his right knee and will not return. Starting in the second game in a row, he had nine points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals in 23 minutes before going out.

Brad Stevens didn’t get a post-game update.

“It was a loss for the way he’s playing right now,” Stevens said. “We hope it’s not something major. Let it become a daily type thing.

With Marcus Smart still out and Robert Williams unavailable for the second night in a row, Celtics coach Brad Stevens started Ojeleye in a smaller roster for the second night in a row.

Ojeleye, who had 24 points against the Toronto Raptors, scored 3 points to open the game on both nights. But while he couldn’t match his 3-point 6-for-8 shot, he was still contributing when he fell.

Missing Ojeleye and Smart have left the Celtics, whose defense has struggled in a difficult place before. Both players are regular goaltenders in several positions.

Ojeleye entered the game averaging 5.6 points in 18.4 minutes.

Associated content:

Marcus Smart injury: Celtics goaltender not about to return, “It will definitely take time”

Bill Russell turns 87: Boston Celtics and Brad Stevens pay tribute to Hall of Famer’s continuing influence on civil rights and basketball

Celtics Semi Ojeleye and Payton Pritchard make history as they beat Boston to Toronto Raptors

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Half of the portfolio of the former PTSB in negative equity, new local commercial platform and additional state pension http://sfeva.org/half-of-the-portfolio-of-the-former-ptsb-in-negative-equity-new-local-commercial-platform-and-additional-state-pension/ http://sfeva.org/half-of-the-portfolio-of-the-former-ptsb-in-negative-equity-new-local-commercial-platform-and-additional-state-pension/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:19 +0000 http://sfeva.org/half-of-the-portfolio-of-the-former-ptsb-in-negative-equity-new-local-commercial-platform-and-additional-state-pension/

Almost half of a portfolio of 300 million euros of permanent permanent rental loans TSB (PTSB) being refinanced on the international bond markets remain in negative equity, even after the sharp rise in house prices over the past eight years. The loans come from a larger € 1.2 billion pool of predominantly interest-only loans, where borrowers are only required to repay the principal upon maturity of the mortgage, which PTSB has sold to the US banking giant Citigroup at the end of last year. Joe Brennan has the details.

The Longford Center Parcs-based vacation resort gears up for a busy summer season as it makes plans to bring a new retail element to the location, with the British retailer Joules opens on the spot, reports Fiona Reddan. While the British villages of Center Parc are slated to open from April 12, there is no sign of a return for the tourism sector in Ireland as of yet.

Search the Golden Pages directory a signed over 5,000 Irish companies for its new GetLocal.ie platform, which aims to facilitate online shopping from local businesses. The platform has more than 750,000 items available for purchase from local businesses with a target of one million within a few weeks. Charlie Taylor reports.

Economic demand will rebound in the Republic and in Europe as governments relax Covid-19 restrictions and vaccinate their citizens, says Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe, insisting that the government has given “massive support” to the aviation sector. Barry O’Halloran reports.

Colm Barrington, Managing Director of Fly Leasing said yesterday that demand for assets from private equity firms prompted the Irish firm to sell $ 2.36 billion (€ 2 billion) to Carlyle Group. The former Aer Lingus chairman spoke with Barry after the terms of the deal were announced.

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Two government ministers are support the objections of the inhabitants against plans to develop 698-bed student accommodation spread over eight blocks in Goatstown, south Dublin. Gordon Deegan has the details.

Capvest private equity company has accepted the sale of Eight Fifty Food Group, which owns Irish companies Carroll Cuisine and M&M Walshe, for an undisclosed amount, reports Colin Gleeson.

The delivery of fresh produce directly to the office or employees’ homes, the opening of coffee centers to attract staff to the office to experience the “buzz” and pre-reserved time slots for the staff canteen are just as many. of on the corporate catering menu in the post-pandemic world. That’s according to one of Ireland’s largest industry operators, Compass, whose senior executive Deirdre O’Neill talks to Mark Paul about the future of workplace nutrition.

In her media column this week, Laura Slattery writes that Reeling in the Years is the television anomaly we need in our lives and that there is nothing like a pandemic to make nostalgia a guaranteed success.

In our personal finance function, Fiona Reddan advises stay-at-home parents on how they can supplement their state pension. A little preparation and knowledge can help you increase your weekly retirement payment, writes Fiona.

In Questions and answers, a reader wonders about purchasing a particular insurance policy which means that inheritance tax does not have to be paid. Dominic Coyle explains how the policy works and if it’s worth buying.

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UK government takes firm stance on Eurostar bailout demands http://sfeva.org/uk-government-takes-firm-stance-on-eurostar-bailout-demands/ http://sfeva.org/uk-government-takes-firm-stance-on-eurostar-bailout-demands/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:17 +0000 http://sfeva.org/uk-government-takes-firm-stance-on-eurostar-bailout-demands/

Updates from Eurostar International Ltd

The UK government is resisting bailout requests from ailing rail operator Eurostar, with ministers insisting the company should look to its shareholders to alleviate its situation.

Eurostar faces bankruptcy following a collapse in revenues after passenger numbers plummeted during the pandemic.

British ministers are said to be taking a hard line. A UK official briefed on the situation said: “The tunnel and the rolling stock are there. Someone would take care of it, even if the business collapsed. There is no desire to bail them out at all.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in May 2020 a program called Birch Project to help strategically important businesses, but only when “viable businesses have exhausted all options”.

Eurostar has loans of £ 400million which are due by June, although they can be extended, people familiar with the matter say. The company requested rescue funds from the UK government in January, when it said there had been a 95% drop in passenger numbers since March 2020.

But the UK government has maintained that the French state and private shareholders should bear primary responsibility for any bailout, with France and the UK reluctant to act first and lose their bargaining power.

The UK sold its stake in Eurostar in 2015, leaving the French government with a controlling 55% stake via the public railway SNCF, and Belgium 5%.

A senior official in Paris said the French government expects shareholders and creditors to go the extra mile before state aid can be put on the table.

The official added that a solution for Eurostar should be found by this summer and that as it stands France still expects the UK to participate if necessary, but it doesn’t so far there has been no high-level political contact with the British.

Shareholders, including the Canadian pension fund Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and Hermes Infrastructure, have already invested more than 200 million euros during the crisis.

SNCF told the Financial Times in March that Eurostar will need new funds in “weeks, not months” to push back a impending cash flow crisis and that the French and British governments were in advanced talks on how to help the company.

Eurostar and the UK government have had discussions over a possible state-backed commercial loan worth £ 60million to help it weather the crisis, but have yet to yield any results. A person familiar with the talks said the talks were not over and there had not yet been a definitive government refusal.

Eurostar owns and operates the trains that run on the high-speed lines between the UK and France, Belgium and the Netherlands, but does not own any of the infrastructure it uses, including the Channel Tunnel itself. -same.

Its managing director Jacques Damas told the FT last month that he was “fed up” with the refusal of the French and British governments to take responsibility for helping the company.

Eurostar and SNCF, Hermès and CDPQ shareholders declined to comment.

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