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ACIPR Secretary General: China’s three-child policy will benefit auto market

Cui Dongshu, general secretary of the China Passenger Car Association, said in a statement that the Chinese auto market is dominated by middle-aged consumers and is gradually evolving into a market dominated by elderly consumers. Therefore, China’s three-child policy will make the auto market more diverse, which is a good thing. As for the structure of the whole automobile market, although the three-child policy has led to the growth of seven-seater cars, but the impact is small, and the Chinese automobile market is bound to be oriented towards middle-aged and elderly people. The current auto market will inevitably drive increases in consumption and boost sales of mid and large luxury vehicles, while also driving the growth of the microelectric vehicle market targeting the elderly.

Didi’s autonomous driving unit set to raise more than US $ 300 million in new funding round

Didi Chuxing’s autonomous driving unit is about to complete a new round of funding with a funding amount of over US $ 300 million, in which the GAC group has invested US $ 200 million (the group GAC directly invested US $ 100 million and a fund under GAC Capital invested US $ 100 million). People familiar with the matter said that after the investment, Didi’s autonomous driving unit would be appreciated beyond Since the split in 2019, Didi Chuxing’s autonomous driving unit has totaled more than US $ 1.1 billion.

Haier Could Enter Automobile Field Through Cooperation With Geely

Haier Group and Geely Group are currently in contact for further cooperation, according to insiders. The all-new ZEEKR smart EV brand launched by Geely Group will appear in Haier retail stores. The two companies will also cooperate in other areas.

Tencent and Evergrande jointly launched the real estate technology platform “Weiwuyun”

Tencent Holdings and Evergrande Real Estate held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony to jointly build “Weiwuyun”, an open ownership technology platform. According to the official introduction, “Weiwuyun” technology platform will integrate three main sectors: SaaS system for intelligent properties, space IoT and user operation services, and fully introduce value-added services such as health care, senior care, education, finance and community group purchases. .

ROKAE Technology Completes RMB 200 Million C + Series Funding Round

Chinese light industrial robot maker ROKAE Technology announced the completion of a RMB 200 million C + Series financing round, which was jointly invested by Shenzhen Capital Group and Grand Flight Investment. The funds will then be used for the development, application and commercialization of new products of the company. Founded in 2014, ROKAE Technology is a lightweight robot company with two product lines: high performance industrial robots and new generation flexible collaborative robots.

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