Cities Find Newer, More Creative Ways To Integrate Electric Vehicles Into Their Transit Programs | New


The M6 ​​tram in Berlin as it appeared in 2007. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user AlfvanBeem.

But where cities do, they find that electrifying public transport can solve more than just climate problems. It can clean the air, reduce traffic jams, and ideally make it easier for ordinary people to get around town, which is why some politicians have staked their reputation on overhauling public transit. In many cases, municipal governments have been able to take climate action faster than their national governments.– The New York Times

The effort to reduce car traffic mirrors those emerging in American cities like New York and San Francisco. The cost of this operation has sort of become its own issue, as the infrastructure required to support the expansive electric vehicle fleets in major metropolitan areas has proven to be a challenge for many places that have mandates to do so. electrification to come in the next two decades. . Widespread adaptation of electric vehicles and streetcars could reduce emissions by 37 million tonnes per year in American cities alone.

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