Developer hack puts CarPlay on Tesla: report

San Francisco: A developer has found a way to make CarPlay work on a Tesla, with a workaround allowing drivers to access their iPhone while driving, according to media reports.
While Apple’s CarPlay is available for many car infotainment systems, it’s never been officially licensed to work on a Tesla’s in-car display, AppleInsider reports.
While it’s plausible to install an aftermarket head unit that supports CarPlay, Polish developer Michal Gapinski has found his way.
In images and videos posted to Twitter, Gapinski showed his Tesla running CarPlay on his vehicle’s screen.
However, rather than making major changes to Tesla’s hardware itself, Gapinski bypasses Wi-Fi restrictions so that Tesla’s browser can connect to a secondary device.
In turn, the browser displays what is displayed on the host device as a live video stream, according to the report.
The developer explained that the project relies on a Raspberry Pi running a custom version of Android. This version runs an interface that works with CarPlay, allowing Apple’s user interface to be usable from a larger screen.
Gapinski said improvements needed to be made to the system, with the Wi-Fi connection needing some tweaking to make it smoother.
Currently, in its early stages, the developer said it plans to release it “when it’s polished.”

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