Electrification, Electric Vehicles, Energy Equity and Renewables Top Emerging Energy Industry Predictions for 2022

energyOrbit Customers and Expert Sources Share Their Views on Changing Admin Goals, New Funding Sources and the Impact of the Pandemic

PETALUMA, Calif., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A seismic shift is occurring in the energy sector, due in part to climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and the actions of a new US administration. The adoption of electrification and electric vehicles, energy equity and renewable energy appear as the main predictions for 2022 and beyond by senior leaders and customers of energyOrbit, the market leading solution for the cloud energy efficiency and demand management (DSM) operations. and clean energy solutions.

Electrification, Electric Vehicles, Energy Equity and Renewables Top Emerging Energy Industry Predictions for 2022

“While these elements have been a focus for some time, it’s only more recently that several solutions and concerns have taken over,” said Oudi MerhavCEO and Founder, energyOrbit.

From energyOrbit’s senior executives’ views on the changing industry, to what they hear from utility customers, performers and support industries, many are still struggling to catch up on missed targets related to COVID of 2020-21.

“Electrification is going to be huge,” Merhav said. “Workforce development, such as green jobs, will continue to grow, around wind and solar generation technologies, the value chain and new jobs, such as vehicle charging station technicians Car dealerships will need to be incentivized to sell more electric vehicles. But most car dealerships make money from service contracts and the aftermarket. If there is almost nothing to fix in the electric vehicles, how can we better integrate car dealerships into the electrification revolution?”

The energyOrbit team believes that everyone deserves access to clean energy and energy efficiency. From $5 billion provided for in the Federal Infrastructure Bill, $3.5 billion targets low-income communities. This means that later in 2022, there could be a proliferation of EE programs for low-income people and existing improved programs; respecting the principles of energy equity.

EnergyOrbit executives also see these key areas having an impact:

  • Energy efficiency remains one of the lowest cost resources for utilities; the costs avoided are considerable.

  • Energy service companies will receive a share of federal clean energy funding. Institutional buildings at the federal and state level will benefit from the federal clean energy stimulus, for example, airports are intended to receive $25 billion.

  • A move to demand response (DR) — specifically auto-generated DR — will change how the value is calculated for energy efficiency. New cost test formulas may be required.

  • Network-connected and intelligent client technologies continue to evolve. Integration of systems, such as for EE and R&D with emerging technologies, will be essential.

  • Climate change is now more than just a slogan. Utilities are beginning to expand reporting from just energy saved to GHG impact.

  • Decarbonization will continue to drive EE and electrification efforts, but the utility response to climate change will focus on infrastructure and resilience.

“The biggest change will be in electric vehicles,” Merhav said. “Manufacturers are already moving away from internal combustion engines. This market could generate between 3 billion and $10 billion in new value until 2030 for a medium-sized energy company, with two million to three million customers, according to Boston Consulting Group. Utilities should plan their EV value journey now, if they aren’t already doing so.”

About energyOrbit
Founded in 2009 and based in Petaluma, California., energyOrbit is the market-leading solution for cloud energy efficiency and demand management operations. energyOrbit is deployed with leading utilities, program administrators, and third-party implementers across North America, enabling customers to improve the efficiency and savings of their DSM operations by an average of up to 75%. energyOrbit enables utilities to deploy DSM programs in hours, scale programs and portfolios efficiently, and streamline customer relationships, partners, and internal communications seamlessly.

Since 2019, energyOrbit has helped utilities and third-party implementers manage over 24 TWh of electricity savings. Additionally, 11 GW of peak demand was reduced through efficiency measures tracked by energyOrbit. More … than $3.7 billion incentives were managed and prepared for payment. For more details, visit http://www.energy-orbit.com/ and follow on Twitter (@energyOrbit) and on LinkedIn.


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