Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck’s Yoke Steering Wheel Confirmed, Making It A “Tech Bandwagon”

Elon Musk confirms that the forked flywheel of the Tesla Cybertruck which was first seen in its prototype in 2019 is also arriving in its production version.

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Tesla Co-Founder and CEO Elon Musk reacts verbally to the recently unveiled battery-powered all-electric Tesla Cybertruck with shattered glass on the windows following a protest that did not go as planned on November 21, 2019 in Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California.

Tesla Cybertruck Yoke steering wheel

According to the Electrek report, around the time the Cybertruck prototype saw the light of day, the butterfly flywheel, which was dubbed by Tesla as the “yoke”, did not gain much attention because it was acted as a simple concept car during this time. time.

Although the Tesla Cybertruck has yet to release its production version, Musk says it is intentionally a “crazy tech train,” in response to a Twitter user who asked him about the direction. from the yoke of the next VE.

The Tesla boss went on to boast that the next electric pickup “will reach far into the post-apocalyptic future.”

On top of that, the CEO of the electric vehicle giant previously said the Cybertruck is akin to a “problem in the matrix,” as if the film’s protagonist has a bespoke vehicle, according to the Teslarati report.

This vague statement from Musk himself still doesn’t mention any additional tech or functionality coming to the Cybertruck.

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Tesla-panel steering wheel

However, it should be noted that Tesla brought the leadership of the yoke to life for its refreshed versions of the Model S and Model X.

Musk’s EV giant boldly replaced the traditional wheel with a butterfly design that later became controversial.

Electrek further pointed out in the same report that the new steering wheel design on said Tesla electric vehicles had also purged the steering wheel stems, which houses additional functions such as turn signals and the wiper option.

Instead, to continue with the butterfly look of the forked steering wheel, options like turn signals have been transformed into force touch buttons.

On top of that, the new design also drops the upper part of the wheel. Thus, the person behind the wheel could no longer grip the wheel from above, which is an integral part of driving on ice or turning at low speeds.

But still, Tesla’s yoke steering gives its users an unobstructed view of the electric vehicle’s dashboard as the top of the wheel has been removed.

While there are actually pros and cons to the caliper flywheel that Tesla has introduced in its refreshed vehicles, some are still looking for an option to go with the traditional flywheel.

However, the electric vehicle maker only sells its new S and X models with the butterfly design. With the latest statement from the CEO and founder of the American automaker, it is likely that the Cybertruck will also receive the same treatment, but improvements appear to be on the way.

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