Estimated 500 miles likely for the Range version

California-based Lucid has announced that its flagship model, the luxury Air sedan, will be available in two top-of-the-range Dream Edition versions, one optimized for performance and the other for range.

In practice, Lucid has some records to set, especially now that Tesla seems to have ceded the race to Lucid by canceling its superior version Plaid +. Lucid still seems confident that his Range version will go over 500 miles, maybe more than a few miles.

Lucid says certification for the EPA lineup is “currently underway,” but he recently completed a “real-world assessment” with Motor Trend, in which two Dream Edition cars drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco at freeway speeds – through the Central Valley, then across the bay to Lucid headquarters. Both cars covered 445 miles on a single charge and showed 30 and 72 miles remaining, respectively, according to Lucid.

Lucid Air Series Test Video - Richmond San Rafael Bridge

Lucid Air Series Test Video – Richmond San Rafael Bridge

In the Dream Edition Performance form, the Lucid Air will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds and develop 1,111 horsepower, while the Range version does so in 2.7 seconds and develops 933 hp. Total torque for both versions is over 738 lb-ft, and both versions will hit 168 mph, although we must note that the prototypes went much faster.

The performance versions run on specially developed 21-inch offset-width Pirelli P Zero tires, while the 500+ mile Range version runs on a 19-inch version of the same tires (they can be replaced).

Lucid Air body structure and battery pack

Lucid Air body structure and battery pack

The Lucid Air may not yet live up to Tesla’s Model S Plaid, but it will outperform its Bay Area rival in charging technology and likely efficiency. It is built on a 924 volt architecture, with a 113 kwh battery, and will be capable of recovering up to 20 miles per minute with 350 kw CCS DC fast chargers (using peak charge rates of over 300 kw), with an unlimited number of Electrify America Charge included for three years.

It will also be compatible with a two-way home charging station to enable car-to-grid functionality, and a 19.2 kW on-board charger can recover up to 80 miles per hour on 240V AC – at 80 amps, on 100- amps, with a special connected home charging system to be installed by Qmerit.

2021 Lucid Air

2021 Lucid Air

According to Lucid, Dream Edition reservation holders will be asked to choose a preferred version at $ 169,000 (excluding destination fees) before deliveries later in the year, with the $ 139,000 Grand Touring model being delivered shortly thereafter. . Many customers will also be eligible for the $ 7,500 electric vehicle tax credit, another thing Tesla buyers cannot claim.

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