Finance your new electric vehicle with complete peace of mind with Drive

If you’re looking for a new electric car, chances are you need to research financing options. The process of researching your loan options and comparing lenders is usually long, confusing and stressful.

Fortunately, there is a new service called Drive it’s here to help. Driveva is an online platform that allows you to enter a few personal details and, through the use of innovative machine learning, displays your best personalized rates from over 30 Australian lenders.

What Driveva does really well is display the actual interest rates and costs for each loan, on screen, instantly. That means no phone calls, no spreadsheets, just a modern experience designed for modern shoppers. The options presented to you are tailored to each customer and not just generic rates, and are dynamically produced based on your personal information and vehicle preference.

Customers can complete the form online and see a list of pre-approved rates from lenders in just 60 seconds. Once you are satisfied with your pre-approved offer, you can select it and start the loan application process. Once the application is approved by the lender, you can receive funds in your account in as little as 24 hours!

How does this benefit consumers?

Transparency – People visiting dealerships are usually pushed to accept the rate offered by the finance team without really knowing if they are getting a good deal. Using Driveva, you can get a variety of custom rates and compare them to what’s on offer.

To save money – Everyone wants to save money wherever possible, especially on your financial commitments. With Driveva, you can compare rates from over 30 lenders and find the lowest interest rate possible. Over time, this can result in thousands of dollars in savings in interest paid. Not to mention, you can also refinance your existing car loan and get a better deal with the Drive platform.

Time – Physically contacting lenders, visiting multiple dealerships, and doing research online can be a time-consuming process and can even impact your credit score in certain situations. With Driveva, you only have to enter your personal information once and you have access to a list of pre-approved loans from several lenders to choose from. Quick and easy, they do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can get behind the wheel of that new electric vehicle sooner.

What makes Driveva unique?

Fully personalized – Pre-approved auto loans and personalized rates in 60 seconds based on your unique financial situation. Unlike other platforms that just give you generic rates to start with and then surprise you with an increased interest rate later in the app.

No impact on your credit score – Drive does not rigorously check your credit report. Some customers don’t realize that every time you apply for a loan at the dealership or with a bank, your credit score can take a hit.

Commitment to customer satisfaction – With the commitment to customer experience at the forefront of all Driva initiatives, the friendly and knowledgeable team are on standby to assist with the entire fundraising process, all running smoothly. Not to mention, they also currently have an impeccable 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot from over 500 reviews.

No hidden fees – Driveva will tell you in advance exactly how much the loan will cost and will not play favorites with lenders. All lender fees and charges are already built into personalized quotes, meaning the monthly repayment amount you see on the platform is exactly what will come out of your account each month and includes all costs.

Driva simplifies the car loan application process from start to finish, ensuring the entire process is 100% seamless and there are no hidden surprises down the line. To learn more about how much you could save with an electric vehicle loan, visit to start.

Step by step process

  1. To visit and click start
  2. Complete a short 60-second online assessment
  3. Pre-approved receipt that matches your profile from over 30 lenders
  4. Select the lender that best suits your preferences
  5. Complete your loan application via your drive dashboard
  6. Receive funds in as little as 24 hours

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