Financial aid office urges students to file FAFSA early

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February is. . . Financial Aid Awareness Month!

This is a message from the Financial Aid Office of the University of Shippensburg.

February is a great time for students to file the FAFSA 2021-22. If students require assistance, please contact the SU Financial Aid Office by email at [email protected]

Students can connect to their Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at, or on the myStudentAid app (available on iOS and Android) with their FSA ID and password. Students must complete the information on their form, save it, and then have a parent ID with their FSA ID and password to complete their information. The financial aid office strongly recommends that students use the IRS Data Recovery Tool link their 2019 tax data directly from the IRS to their FAFSA. After completing their FAFSA, students must apply electronic signatures and submit the request.

To preview their eligibility for federal grants and loans, students should be sure to check the confirmation page and email (at the email account listed on the FAFSA) to view the FAFSA results. For students residing in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) will also notify students via email of their eligibility for state scholarships!

Want to claim FREE MONEY? Apply for scholarships! The League’s financial aid office encourages students to apply for the Shippensburg University Foundation scholarships AND Pennsylvania State Higher Education System Foundation (PASSHE) Scholarships (online atêts/bourses/).

If new or returning students have questions about financial aid, a great resource is the University of Shippensburg Financial Aid Reference and Resource Guide, available online at /globalassets/financial-aid/final_fa_roadmap_0920_rev.pdf.

The main financial aid office is located in the former main room 101. For more information or to ask questions about financial aid, contact the office at [email protected] or by calling (717) 477-1131

And since it’s February… students, be sure to show some love at the financial aid office.

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