Ford taps ex-Tesla engineer to lead ‘advanced electric vehicle development’

San Francisco: US automaker Ford has hired former Tesla engineer Alan Clarke, who left the company for 12 years to oversee Ford’s “advanced electric vehicle development” projects.

According to Clarke’s LinkedIn, he accepted the job this week and officially joined Ford in California, Teslarati reports.

At Tesla, he spent more than 12 years in the company’s engineering department.

In September 2009, he joined Tesla as a lead design engineer on the Model X and Model S projects, including advanced engineering processes for the drive unit, powertrain, voltage distribution and the closing panels for the all-electric SUV.

In January 2012, Clarke was promoted to Senior Director of New Program Engineering, where he oversaw the engineering and development of advanced prototypes and future models at Tesla’s Los Angeles Design and Engineering Center.

He then transitioned to director of new program engineering until his departure from Tesla in January 2022.

Clarke confirmed the move to Ford on his LinkedIn. It was originally reported by Automotive News.

Ford recently expanded its electric vehicle plans, with CEO Jim Farley announcing that the company will aim to produce 6,00,000 electric vehicles over the next 22 months.

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