Founders: Connect with influential movers and shippers during TC: Mobility 2022 sessions

If you can’t wait to get your revolutionary product out of the garage, onto the streets, or into customer driveways, we not so humbly suggest you do whatever it takes to attend the TC:Mobility 2022 sessions in San Mateo, CA. May 18 and 19. This is your chance to meet, mingle, and network with unicorn movers, shakers, shippers, and makers all under one roof at the spacious San Mateo County Event Center.

Who’s at the top of your must-see list? Whether it’s big VCs, cutting-edge mobility companies, government decision makers, visionary engineers or tech journalists – to gain coveted media exposure – you’ll find that and more over the course of two days full of action at TC Mobility.

Hot Tip #1: Advance savings are in play – for a limited time. Buy your pass now, before prices go up, and you’ll keep $300 in your wallet. Sweet, sweet savings.

Your all-access pass includes panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, breakout sessions and networking, plus access to our indoor AND outdoor exhibit area – where you’ll find dozens of innovative early-stage startups showcasing their latest and greatest. More on that in a moment. You will also have access to our Virtual Content Day on May 20. Oh, plus on-demand videos after the live event.

Hot Tip #2: If you want to put your mobility technology directly in the path of thousands of participants – we’re talking about potential investors, customers and influential tech titans – grab an early start demo package. Do not wait. The early bird special saves you $200. You’ll get four passes with full access to the event, both in-person and virtually, the ability to demo on-site on May 18-19, and the ability to present at the virtual event on May 20.

Alright, back to the exhibition area. The huge interior space extends into the large spaces. You’ll find demos covering the full range of mobility technologies, including the latest scooters, e-bikes, EVs and self-driving vehicles. Take a test drive at your leisure or grab a starter demo package and showcase your mobile wonder in our outdoor play area.

Take it from Jens Lehmann, CTO & Product Manager, SAP, who had this to say about our last in-person mobility event in 2020: “The most surprising aspect of the TC:Mobility sessions was how point I had fun learning. I can’t stress this enough. I got to ride the latest and greatest electric scooters, and rode in a VR/AR enhanced car. It was pretty cool .

TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 takes place live and in person on May 18-19 in San Mateo, Calif., and our virtual version takes place on May 20. Buy your pass or demo package, save money and get ready to connect with the influencers you need to drive your business forward.

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