House Republicans raise China’s specter of electric vehicles

Most of the essential minerals for the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries, including rare earths and lithium, come almost entirely from abroad, largely from China. Upton touted his own bill, which would allow the extraction of critical minerals at home.

“The big question is how are we going to build these electric vehicles here at home?” Upton asked. “Are we going to import all of the critical minerals from China, with their low environmental and labor standards?” We simply cannot have it both ways. ”

Mandates: Republicans also accused Democrats of a harsh mandate for Americans to switch to electric vehicles, with Upton saying Democrats’ bill “puts the cart before the horse by making electric vehicles mandatory” and McMorris Rodgers accusing Democrats of a “mandatory green rush”.

No Democratic proposal would force Americans to change the type of car they drive.

The Democrats’ line: Democrats have been reluctant to tackle China’s problem head-on, instead applauding the environmental benefits of electric vehicles. Their bill, the CLEAN Future Act, aims to make sweeping changes to the electricity industry, transportation industry, buildings and more to achieve net greenhouse gas pollution by 2050.

Energy President Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) Cited a recent report from the University of California, Berkeley suggesting that electrification and grid changes together could prevent 150,000 deaths, save US consumers $ 2.7 trillion by 2050, and create more than 2 million jobs by 2035. In addition, a he said, electric vehicles will likely be cheaper than gasoline vehicles within five years.

Biden’s U.S. Jobs Plan proposes spending $ 174 billion on transportation electrification.

And after: A markup has not yet been planned for the CLEAN Future Act, which could eventually be incorporated into the Democrats’ infrastructure plan.

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