How to prepare your electric vehicle fleet for freezing temperatures

As the world enters the fourth quarter of the year again, one of the challenges ahead for many fleet managers in the Northern Hemisphere will be maximizing the efficiency of their electric vehicles (EVs) in the face of temperatures. freezing.

While having your windshield wipers in place to make it easier to scrape ice and snow off your windshield will help you, whether you are driving electric vehicles or vehicles with internal combustion engines, the main tip for the efficiency of electric vehicles is to find the balance between heat preservation and energy saving.

As the chemical reaction of electrons, or to say electricity, in electric vehicle batteries occurs at a slower rate in cold weather, an electric vehicle’s range and charging speed can drop dramatically in cold weather. freezing. As such, keeping your battery at an optimum temperature is crucial.

Besides parking your vehicle in direct sunlight whenever you can, another way to conserve heat is to program the vehicle’s charge to complete its cycle just before you leave in the morning, thus keeping your vehicle running. EV battery as well as your cabin warmer on take off.

To save energy, drivers could simply turn off the folding exterior mirrors automatically and make sure their tires are calibrated appropriately. For a list of 10 tips for maximizing your electric vehicles in cold weather, visit here.

Besides the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, some of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world include WulingHongGuang Mini EV, Renault Zoe and Hyundai Kona.

For Tesla drivers

  • Use eco mode to save power, and at Tesla it’s called Chill mode.

  • Tesla has a battery pack that has been designed to always stay in the best possible temperature zone – neither too hot nor too cold – by combining heating, cooling and insulation.

  • When Supercharger is set as the destination in your vehicle’s navigation system, the EV battery cells are preheated for cold recharging, making them ideal for charging on arrival.

  • Remove snow and ice from the Model 3’s rear window before opening the trunk as it will slide directly into the trunk. This may not be a problem if you are in the Tesla Mecca of the world, sunny California.

Tesla Model 3 covered in snow in Texas (Copyright: Shutterstock)

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