How to Talk to People About Electric Car Supply Chain Problems

There’s a lot of misinformation about electric cars, most of which are planted by companies that are petrified by their business model – the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel – is about to undergo a Kodak moment. The leaders of these companies believe they have a divine right to continue selling their deadly products until every drop of oil on Earth has been extracted, transported, refined, distributed and burned.

They are speaking out against those who say that burning fossil fuels makes us sick, shortens our life expectancy and overheats our planet. Because they have virtually unlimited funds, they use that money to bribe fund politicians who support their business model. We think our elected representatives are supposed to work for us, but in fact they work for companies that do not have our best interests at heart. [For more on this topic, read Who Will Tell The People? The Betrayal of American Democracy by William Greider. It was published in 1993 and accurately predicted the events of today.]

A few days ago, we published an article about a new study conducted by researchers at the Yale School of Environment. He acknowledges that, yes, building electric cars and the batteries that power them create carbon emissions, but they are paltry compared to the emissions associated with building and powering cars with internal combustion engines.

The hit on electric vehicles is like the people who mock Tesla taking advantage of a government loan guarantee when the company was in its infancy, but conveniently neglect to mention that General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford also benefited from it. ‘massive financial aid from the government in recent memory.

If you’re going to tell the story, tell together story, not just the part that favors your position. Tell people about the massive subsidies the fossil fuel industry receives each year. Talk to people about the impacts on human health that result from the combustion of fossil fuels. To do otherwise is only to flatten our lie.

Engineering and technology was so impressed with the Yale study, they featured it in a recent story for their readers. The parts cited below have also been covered in our story, but they are so important that they are worth repeating:

“The surprising element was how much lower the emissions from electric vehicles were,” said researcher Stephanie Weber. “The combustion vehicle supply chain is so dirty that electric vehicles cannot surpass them, even taking into account indirect emissions. “

The research team combined concepts of energy economics and industrial ecology – carbon pricing, life cycle assessment, and energy system modeling – to determine whether carbon emissions were further reduced when emissions were reduced. indirect aspects of the electric vehicle supply chain were taken into account.

“A major concern with electric vehicles is that the supply chain, including the extraction and processing of raw materials and the manufacture of batteries, is far from clean,” said Professor Ken Gillingham. “So if we were to price the carbon embodied in these processes, EVs would be expected to be sky-high. It turns out that this is not the case. If you level the playing field by also pricing carbon in the fossil fuel vehicle supply chain, EV sales would actually increase. “

An informative video

In a comment to our previous story, CleanTechnica reader Joe Rizzi shared a video narrated by Robert Llewellyn, founder of the Fully charged Youtube channel. It graphically illustrates (in both senses of the word) the part of the story that proponents of fossil fuels leave out. It is the perfect way to educate your family, friends and coworkers who may be considering buying an electric car but are hesitant because of the FUD being spread by fossil fuel companies and their apologists. Do not hesitate to share it widely.

The future of driving is electric. A new year is upon us and everything indicates that it will see a spectacular increase in sales of electric vehicles and a dramatic decrease in sales of cars equipped with hellish combustion engines. This is the moment where we all are CleanTechnica and all our loyal readers were waiting for it.

Go ahead and spread the word! Electric driving saves drivers money, but it also saves people from the harmful pollutants that conventional cars leave in their wake and saves the planet from more heat-trapping gases. The time for electric cars has arrived, and not too soon!

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