Industry previews powering the future of electric vehicles

Electrification is impacting all mobile vehicle industries, from passenger cars to heavy trucks and city buses, to construction equipment and agricultural machinery. So manufacturers are developing and integrating a variety of new technologies such as electric motors and battery systems while determining how best to use them in tandem with existing components such as hydraulics. To help design teams better understand how different technologies come together to enable vehicle electrification, power and movementin partnership with machine design, has set up a series of educational sessions under the theme Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles. Each session highlights a key topic or topic related to electrification and the different components and systems that enable it. The sessions are available for viewing starting July 28.

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Powering the future of electric vehicles is part of power and movement‘s Engineering Academy, a collection of educational sessions on various industry topics such as robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) held in collaboration with colleagues from Machine Design, Electronic Design and Microwave and RF. Some of the more recent events include:

  • Robotics by design
  • Power system design
  • Chiplets – Electronics Design Automation

The Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles event includes panel discussions and technical presentations with various industry experts who are able to give their perspective on working with electric vehicles and the components and systems that help drive them. feed.

Best practices for working with batteries and high voltage systems

During this 30-minute technical session, Mike Terzo, CEO of Terzo Power Systems – and member of power and movementThe editorial advisory board of — showcases the lessons his company has learned working with high-voltage systems. Currently, there are no industry standards for working with the high voltage systems that are now prevalent in electrical vehicles and equipment, especially for heavier duty applications. This session will look at how best to work with these systems, what the dangers are if proper precautions are not taken, and how the industry could go about standardizing ways of working with high voltage systems.

How to get the most out of hydraulics with new battery-electric technology for mobile equipment

Jay Schultz, Electrification Business Development Manager at Parker Hannifin, leads this technical session on integrating hydraulics into electric power systems. It will offer an assessment of approaches to take when integrating these systems, best practices for doing so, and a real-world example with a heavy equipment manufacturer.

The OEM perspective on going electric

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) developing various types of electric vehicles will offer their insights during this panel discussion on electric vehicle design, the technologies used and how they work with industry suppliers. .

Views will be provided by three panelists from the heavy truck and off-road equipment industries:

How to prepare for adopting an EV

For manufacturers looking to enter the electric vehicle space, there are many aspects to consider when designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing electric vehicles and the components that power them. In this roundtable, two subject matter experts provide their industry perspective on the various aspects that need to be considered when adopting electric vehicles and related products into your product platform.

During this session, viewers may hear information from:

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