It’s official: electric vehicles will rule the earth from now on – no, you’d be wrong!

Some modern electric cars, like the Tesla Model S Plaid, can outperform even the most exotic gas-powered supercars, at least in a straight line. (Image: Tesla)

Have we passed the decisive moment for electric vehicles?

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that more of TFLcar’s coverage, as well as most other outlets, has shifted to the ever-growing EV market. Virtually all automakers are turning to electric cars as demand and our need to reduce emissions increase. But companies like Tesla and even General Motors are taking a different path than we saw a decade or more ago – where electric cars more or less amounted to a cynical marketing exercise intended to meet government regulations. strict, but placed little importance on quality of life. , range or performance.

Now that image has changed a bit. In this video, Roman and Tommy wonder if EVs have finally asserted their position not only in environmental terms, but also in terms of sheer grunts. The instantaneous torque and power of the Tesla Model S Plaid and GMC Hummer EV, for example, shows that we have taken a new step in terms of capacity compared to their conventional fuel counterparts.

The GMC Hummer EV brings huge performance numbers to the table, but it’s also an expensive choice at the moment. (Image: General Motors)

Even with the blazingly fast S Plaid model and the mighty Hummer, electric vehicles are still a minority in the overall automotive market. So, will gasoline and diesel vehicles stick around for a long time, or will these electric vehicles end up reigning on the roads?

Whichever side you stand on, you can hardly deny that we are in a period of monumental change by looking at what the car (or truck) represents. Despite all the current EV issues and challenges we still have to overcome, EVs are attracting more and more buyers every year, and we will continue to see them get even better in the process.

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