Jeep will deploy three new electric vehicles in Australia

The upcoming Jeep Avenger small SUV, Recon midsize SUV and Wagoneer S luxury SUV are on track for Australia on electric power only.

American automotive giant Jeep plans to introduce three new electric vehicles to Australia in the next few years – the Jeep Avenger, Jeep Recon and Jeep Wagoneer S – but the off-road specialist will continue to offer petrol and diesel vehicles in the local market indefinitely.

While Jeep has planned to go to 100% electric power in Europe by 2030 – and 50% of the sales mix in the United States by the same deadline – it expects the deployment battery-powered vehicles take a bit longer in Australia.

Jeep global boss Christian Meunier told Australian media in Detroit that the mid-size Jeep Recon SUV and the Jeep Wagoneer S coupe-like SUV had been “secured” for Australia, while the Jeep Avenger urban SUV Should be a given formality it will be factory built in right-hand drive and is already locked for the UK.

“The Avenger is going to go to the UK, it’s going to go to Japan, and we’re looking at maybe Australia if there’s a market for it. At the moment it’s still undecided,” said Mr. Meunier.

“Recon is confirmed for Australia and I think it will be a great product for Australia. The Wagoneer S (is) also secure for Australia.

Jeep is also expected to unveil an electric version of the Cherokee within the next 12 months, also slated for right-hand drive.

“Obviously Australia was way behind two, three years ago on electrification, that wasn’t even a question,” Mr Meunier said.

“When I spoke to the (Australian) team it was… ‘ah electrification, not really interested.’ And I kept questioning, questioning, questioning and watching what happened in the meantime.

“Obviously New Zealand is going 100% full speed ahead (with electric power). And Australia is catching up. Australia is going to get there.

Little information is available on future electric models from Jeep other than the Avenger is actually a tall sedan designed for city use, the Recon will have true off-road capability and removable panels, and the Wagoneer S will have a performance edge.

Jeep previously announced that the Wagoneer S will be offered exclusively as an electric vehicle, targeting a range of 400 miles (643 km) on a single charge, 600 horsepower (447 kW) and a 0-60 mph (97 km/ h) approximately 3.5 seconds.

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