Labor Law: California Jury Gives Tesla $ 137 Million in Reasons to Prevent and Stop Racial Misconduct in the Workplace | Economic news

After reading this message to the employees, it is no wonder that the jury gave the complainant a huge verdict.

It doesn’t matter if the “N-word” was used “towards” an individual.

It does not matter if the racial slurs were used in a “friendly” manner or between people of the same race.

It doesn’t matter if the only response to the racist images was for the janitor to remove them, if in addition Tesla couldn’t figure out why it was happening and who was doing it.

It doesn’t matter if the applicant recommended that his friends or family work there because the job is probably well paid and his recommendations do not diminish the fact that he was in a hostile work environment.

It also didn’t matter whether he was an entrepreneur, not an employee, of Tesla.

He had the right to go to work and not be subjected to this kind of illegal mistreatment.

Too often, especially in low-wage or hourly work environments where employees have difficult jobs and lack formal education, the culture condones abusive behavior among employees. Supervisors who come from these industries accept this culture.

Too often I hear in training, “You don’t understand our culture” or “You don’t understand the industry” of construction, retail, restaurants, public safety, manufacturing, assemblers. lines and others.

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