Launch of the MIXTE company of light electric vehicles for consumers in the United States

Micro-mobility veterans are betting on filling the void in today’s market

Posted: October 19, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. CDT|Update: 22 minutes ago

ATLANTA, October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MIXTE, maker of a family of personal light electric vehicles (LEVs: electric bikes, cargo bikes and electric scooters) designed to be accessible and reliable, is now entering the US market. With consumers buying an electric bicycle every 52 seconds in the United States, MIXTE is betting on the idea that there is still a significant segment of the population left out of the LEV revolution and targeting these potential customers by focusing on the accessibility and inclusiveness. as a brand.

Launch of the MIXTE company of light electric vehicles for consumers in the United States

Through the use of technology, MIXTE hopes to make micro-transport accessible to more people by allowing them to cycle more easily, move faster and explore their surroundings. Created by the team that ran one of the first five micro-mobility companies in the world to build bikes and scooters for shared public use, MIXTE, led by Sean Flood, David Touwsma, and Thomas ashby, incorporates the experience of the management team in the shared mobility industry to create a product line that makes personal ownership enjoyable and car replacement possible. The goal was to design LEVs specially designed to accommodate all calibers of cyclists and meet the changing needs of consumers. MIXTE has partnered with leading industry suppliers to develop products that will be safe, durable and intuitive.

“Shared micromobility has given consumers the opportunity to taste electrical products and see the benefits they can have in their daily lives. As these products make the leap to personal ownership, we see a void in the market. MIXTE was designed to fill this void by providing a comprehensive product line focused on simplicity, instinctive design and built-in functionality, ”says Flood.

Touwsma comments: “We recognize that consumer needs vary and that alternative transportation is very personal, so we offer a range of choices to meet everyone’s needs. electric vehicles to adapt to each consumer while simplifying the shopping experience. “

MIXTE has been developed and is sold with the end user in mind. Product designer Tommy Ashby focused on creating products with all the features one needs for a safe and enjoyable ride, satisfying the needs of an expert rider, but removing all excess components that could be intimidating. a novice user. Additionally, MIXTE creates a straightforward shopping experience that matches the company’s desire to make micro-transportation easy and accessible.

At launch, MIXTE offers four product options priced from $ 600 To $ 3,700: the Solo (standard and stepper electric bike) designed for daily use by a single rider, the Carry (electric bike for families and economical delivery drivers) and the Plus (specially designed foldable electric scooter). The Solo and Carry gives owners 40 miles of assisted driving, while the Plus offers 14 miles per charge.

“We’ve taken the hassle and confusion out of cycling – no cumbersome controls, confusing features or whatever you don’t need. However, equipped with the highest quality technologies and components, bikes are anything but basic. MIXED products are designed to be intuitive from automatic gear shifting to the integrated blue tooth handlebar display. We want you to be able to turn them on and have an incredibly fun ride. Our team has worked tirelessly to organize the perfect driving, buying and owning experience, ”says Ashby.

EFO Ventures, MIXTE’s seed investor and incubator, works directly with companies in the mobility, sustainability and technology services sectors, investing both financially and through development and dedicated support. This new launch follows the company’s acquisition of Frog Mobility, a shared mobility company.

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About MIXTE:
MIXTE is a manufacturer of personal electric mobility products designed to be accessible and reliable, empowering riders to go further and have fun every day with pedal assist technology. Created by a team that ran one of the first five mobility companies in the world to build e-bikes and electric scooters for public and abusive use, MIXTE was developed not only to look good, but also to perform flawlessly. MIXED caters to all calibers of rider, from novice users who find the pleasure of a weekend before brunch to serious cyclists and daily commuters, providing a comfortable and reliable ride for everyone. Our bikes are stylish, functional and built using the best technology, giving riders the freedom to explore all that life has to offer and enjoy the ride. For more information, visit:

About EFO Ventures:
Based at Atlanta, Georgia and Dublin, Ireland, EFO Ventures is an early stage investment and concept incubator company focused on developing innovative ideas in the areas of mobility, sustainability, technology services, health and wellness and industrial and commercial services. Created by founders who have created and developed successful businesses themselves, EFO Ventures invests both financially in their portfolio companies, but also through dedicated development and support. For more information visit:

For more information on MIXTE, contact:
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Launch of the MIXTE company of light electric vehicles for consumers in the United States
Launch of the MIXTE company of light electric vehicles for consumers in the United States
MIXTE light electric vehicle company launched direct to consumers in the United States
Launch of the MIXTE company of light electric vehicles for consumers in the United States

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