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The ethanol industry has more possibilities than ever. It is evolving and diversifying thanks to advanced biofuels, starch, chemicals and proteins. The use of new yeasts and enzymes is constantly making ethanol production more efficient and economical. As an ethanol representative on local production, state development, and national promotion boards, I hear conversations about new technologies and processes for the industry, and before I go. realize, I see it in motion. Things move fast.

Nebraska is the second largest producer of ethanol, and we are proud of that fact and the product. it helps people! It reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems.

What we don’t understand is who doesn’t want to support this? We want to put more ethanol on the market to replace the gasoline that we already use, which, to be quite frank, is killing us.

This year alone, the transport industry has become the number one cause of pollution. We’ve been using ethanol for four decades, but clearly not enough. If the United States were to switch from E10 to E15, GHGs would decrease by 17.62 million tonnes per year (approximately 3.85 million vehicles). Imagine the impact we could have if blends richer in ethanol were widely available and their use strongly encouraged.

Ethanol will be a competitor in the net zero market and is the only low carbon fuel in the market that fights climate change throughout its life cycle. It is important to note that electric vehicles are only considered zero emissions at the tailpipe.

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