Lucid Air Dream owner calls it the Ferrari of electric cars

Howard Levitt is a well-known Canadian lawyer. Levitt Sheikh’s senior partner gives legal advice every Sunday on his iHeart radio show and is also credited with being forced to abandon his 2010 Ferrari California in an underpass on Lower Simcoe Street after that. flooded in a thunderstorm in 2013.

Attracted to high performance vehicles, Levitt has owned a few over the years. His current cars include a 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider and a 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition, but it’s his limited-production Lucid Air Dream that’s getting the most attention these days.

He ordered his vehicle from the Lucid Studio location at Miami’s Brickell City Center, where he has a home. Levitt found himself in possession of the car weeks later thanks to a mixture of serendipity, charm and a failed finance deal in California. Levitt, who drove his electric vehicle from Florida to his home in Toronto, tells us why he loves his Lucid.

“People who know cars know Lucid. It was the car that was going to be Tesla’s killer,” Levitt said. looks better than Tesla. It has a considerably longer range than Tesla (my car is 758 miles). Also, Tesla’s chief engineer, Peter Rawlinson, left to form Lucid Motors.

“I call it the Ferrari of electric vehicles. It eliminated all the problems of electric vehicles, including the ability to drive far on a charge. You can almost drive to Montreal and back. Certainly you can go to the chalet and come back for a fee,” he said. “I’m excited about the car and its potential because it has everything for an electric vehicle.

“I had never seen one until last December,” Levitt said of the brand, which began production in September 2021. “I was driving to Palm Beach from my home in Miami to visit a friend and I walked past the dealership. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s beautiful.’

“I couldn’t get the Dream Edition because it was sold out. So I ordered the model below, which waited six months,” he said. “After searching online, I went to speak to the General Manager of Miami Lucid Studio. A few months later, he invited me for a test drive.

“We hit it off and became friends, which happens sometimes, right? About three weeks later, I got a call and he told me that a funding deal had fallen through on a California Dream edition that was ready to ship and asked if I wanted it. “Well, you know I want it,” I told him, so I got it right away.

“It exceeded my expectations. I’m constantly learning new tricks and aspects I didn’t realize existed,” Levitt said. “It’s just a joy. It attracts as many looks as my Ferrari.

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To look closer: 2022 Lucid Air Dream Performance Edition

Smooth ride

“I love speed,” Levitt said. “Not only does it accelerate quickly, but it also has a great top speed, so it’s an exhilarating race. I was coming back from Detroit and wanted to stay within 110 miles because I didn’t have my ownership papers with me. and I didn’t want to be stopped. Every time I looked at my speed, I was over 150. I couldn’t tell how fast I was going. The highway was deserted, it was so smooth, so fast, and I didn’t couldn’t tell the difference.

Amazing look

Levitt likes the aesthetic of the Lucid. Along with the Santa Monica interior – complete with full-grain Napa leather and eucalyptus accents – its Dream Edition in Zenith Red also comes with a polished platinum finish, 21-inch forged wheels with diamond-turned faces and an all-glass canopy roof. “It’s an entire glass roof, so it’s like being in a spaceship capsule.”

Interior Features

“It’s got the best dash of any car in the universe,” Levitt said. “It’s very large and continuous across the entire dash and all the way through, including the cockpit panel in the center. It has all these options, like five different types of massage styles in the front seats, each with three levels, so the passenger and the driver can have different massages.

The specifications

body styleSedan

Training methodAll-wheel drive

EngineDual active core, 1,111 hp

Battery range758 kilometers

Cargo volume283 liters

PriceFrom $229,000

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