MG pays people in UK to taste the electric vehicle experience

It’s been a common phrase in the EV world for as long as I’ve known about EVs – butts in the seats. It’s the magic formula for selling electric vehicles and increasing their adoption. If you can ask someone to test drive an electric car for the first time, it is almost guaranteed that they will like it and become much more interested in electric vehicles and much less bothered by common myths about electric vehicles and exaggerated fears.

MG knows this and has taken an innovative but straightforward approach to electric vehicle sales in the UK with it in mind. It’s just paying people to take a test drive. Come and try an electric MG and get £ 750 back on one. (The company also includes plug-in hybrids under the umbrella of electric vehicles.) The promotion runs throughout June. And the process is straightforward for consumers – just book a test drive and download the special voucher. “The £ 750 bonus is in addition to any other offer at the time of purchase and is compatible with 0% finance deals,” the company adds.

MG is embarking on the electric vehicle transition faster than others in the UK. So far in 2021, a third of MG vehicles sold in the UK are electric (plug-in) vehicles.

MG already sells fairly affordable EVs, but the £ 750 discount helps even more.

The MG ZS EV starts at £ 26,095 (after UK plug-in car subsidy of £ 2,500). The MG ZS EV Exclusive costs an additional £ 2,500. The range of the vehicle at full load, according to the WLTP test system, is as follows:

  • Combined range: 163 miles (263 km);
  • City range: 231 miles (372 km).

The combined driving efficiency of the model is 3.3 miles / kWh (18.6 kWh / 100 km).

When it comes time to recharge, the MG ZS EV can of course be recharged at home, just like any other electric vehicle, and this is where the vast majority of the charging will take place if you have a home charging option ( a normal electrical outlet will work – this is what I use). Whether the driver needs a quick charge on the road or for some other reason, the MG ZS EV can charge up to 50 kW and reach an 80% charge in 40 minutes.

MG ZS EV – looks like an autonomous vehicle to an American, but make no mistake about it.


MG ZS EV charging port.


MG ZS EV gliding along a scenic UK road.




MG ZS EV cargo space with rear seats folded down.


MG ZS EV sunroof.


The rear seats of the MG ZS EV are more spacious than you might think.


Interior of the MG ZS EV. No Netflix or video games like in a Tesla, but no Tesla price either.



The MG5 EV Excite starts at £ 25,095 (after UK plug-in car grant of £ 2,500) and MG5 EV exclusivity starts at £ 27,595 (after UK plug-in car grant of £ 2,500). The MG5 EV comes with a full charge range of 214 miles (WLTP) and a maximum charge rate of 50 kW.


The affordable MG5 EV almost looks like a Mercedes from this perspective.


Or maybe the MG5 EV looks more like a Volkswagen Passat.


The interior of the MG5 EV resembles that of the MG ZS EV.


Front seats MG5 EV.


MG5 EV rear seats.


Okay, I think the MG5 EV looks like a Mercedes. However, this electric model surely drives better than any non-electric Mercedes.

The company also sells the MG HS Plug-in Hybrid. MG offers a 7-year warranty on these three plug-in vehicle models.

With over 30% of its 2021 sales coming from plug-in vehicles, MG actually holds 5.5% of the overall UK plug-in market. It just hit its record overall market share of 1.45% in March, so you can see its plug-in vehicle share of 5.5% is a big step up from its overall market position. .

“MG’s mission is to make driving accessible to everyone as we approach 2030. Customer acceptance and demand for electric vehicles has increased as battery life has increased and costs have increased. dropped, and we’re proud that MG has become the brand of choice. for affordable electric cars, ”said MG Commercial Director Guy Pigounakis.

“Our recent sales results show that MG’s commitment to making electric vehicles affordable for everyone is resonating with the car buying public and helping to make electric vehicles as affordable as possible for everyone, everyone. person doing a test drive in one of our electric or rechargeable vehicles. models in June will receive an additional incentive in the form of a £ 750 thank you.

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