most viewed | Elon Musk to fire Tesla managers “immediately” who fail to meet these three indicators

Tesla CEO Elon Musk at an event near Berlin. (Image: PATRICK PLEUL / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

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In filtered emails, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, warned that he would “immediately” fire Tesla managers who did not comply with three direct instructions when receiving an order from him.

Musk is also known as Spontaneity on TwitterHe wrote en masse emails signed with his first name, in a personal but assertive tone, short letters and transcripts to all of his employees.

CNBC He had access to two of those emails sent in early October. In the first, Musk talks about workers who listen to music during working hours, and in the second, a little more bossy, he reminds everyone who the CEO of Tesla is.

“I just wanted to say that I’m very much in favor of listening to factory music, as well as all the little touches that make work more enjoyable. A coworker just sent me a note asking if we could have a headset to listen to the music so the other ear can hear the issues with Safe. Sounds good to me, ”he wrote in the October 3 email.

The SpaceX founder also added that the background music from his speakers also sounded “fantastic as long as there is reasonable agreement among his colleagues about the musical choices.”

“If there are other things that you think would make your day better, let me know. I’m really interested if they want to come to work every day! concluded the first email.

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Anyone who does not respect these three indicators will be dismissed immediately

In the second leaked email, Musk reminded his Tesla officials that he only allowed three actions when placing direct orders: respond by explaining why his proposal should be reconsidered, seek further clarification, or implement. .

Under “Please consider,” the executive listed these options.

  1. “Email me explaining why something I said was wrong. Sometimes I’m wrong!

  2. Please ask for more clarification if what I said is ambiguous.

  3. Implement instructions, ”read the October 4 statement.

Of that latest email, he pointed out the final warning: “If none of the above is implemented, the manager will be asked to resign immediately. Thanks, Elon.

More emails in context

According to the opinion CNBCAs of this writing, Tesla just announced record third quarter sales despite supply chain pressures and, most importantly, the lack of chips.

Around this time, the electric car maker also released a long-awaited “Full Autonomous Driving Beta” button, allowing Tesla owners to sign up for utility programs that can be tested on public roads.

On October 4, Tesla lost an important case in federal court in San Francisco when a jury ruled that he should pay former employee Owen Diaz around $ 137 million for working in a “racially hostile environment.” During his stay in Fremont, California. .

CNBC See other emails Musk has sent in recent months, including words of encouragement to employees working at the new Berlin plant, and a call from an analyst suggesting Tesla shares could reach $ 3,000 per share .

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