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IRVINE, Calif., September 10, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Noodoe EV, a global leader in electric vehicle charging technology, has been certified as a Qualified Supplier of the PG&E EV Fast Charge (EVFC) incentive program. The announcement was made by the CEO of the company Jennifer chang. The Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) supplies natural gas and electricity to 5.2 million homes in the northern two-thirds of the California.

“Obtaining supplier certification for the PG&E Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Incentive Program is a red letter day for Noodoe and all of our constituents,” Chang said. “First, the certification affirms the status of our company based on the highest technical standards. Second, it allows us to partner with solution providers, installers, contractors and property owners, while providing incentives to customers interested in electric vehicle charging through one of the largest companies in the world. “

As part of the program, clients located in the territory of PG&E in Northern California are able to apply for the incentive program using Noodoe EV OS with ABB Terra 53 50kW DCFC (DC50A) and BTCPower 50kW DCFC (DC50B). Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced cloud-based operating platforms today; it is the “central brain” of a charging network which manages all the charging stations in several places and automates the entire operation of the charging network for electric vehicles. For general areas, PG&E will pay for the “plug and play” infrastructure. In the defined DAC areas (disadvantaged communities), PG&E will pay all costs of the electrical upgrade and all construction, as well as a discount offer of $ 25,000 by shipper on qualified sites.

The recent news is all positive on the electric vehicle adoption front. President Biden recently set a goal of accelerating America’s switch to electric, targeting 50% of all new cars on the road by 2030. He also asked Congress 174 billion dollars create 500,000 electric charging stations to improve electric vehicle infrastructure here in the United States. General Motors wants to make only electric vehicles by 2035. Toyota predicts that 70% of sales in the United States will be electric vehicles by 2030, while Ford has announced that 40% of its vehicles will be electrified, also of by 2030.

About Noodoe Inc.

To accelerate the global transition to electric vehicles, Noodoe provides the essential network operating system, Noodoe EV OS, which manages electric vehicle charging networks for their operators.

What makes Noodoe EV OS different is the core technology that enables “extreme automation”, which allows operators to achieve the lowest possible operating costs. By controlling and running all electric vehicle charging stations, Noodoe EV OS fully automates everything: 24/7 charging service delivery, automatic peak hour price adjustment, automatic transaction billing, automatic payment processing, automatic bank transfer, automatic infrastructure diagnostics and intelligent energy management. It is so automated that network operators can virtually generate revenue automatically and continuously.

Noodoe provides products and services that are used in 110 countries around the world.

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