Silence S04 unveiled as a small electric car with removable battery on wheels

Barcelona-based company Silence has just unveiled its Silence S04 electric car, which will be produced in two models with different power and speed levels.

Silence is best known for several models of electric maxiscooters, the S01, S02 and S03. 60mph scooters are bigger than most in the industry, but now Silence is getting even bigger. And by adding two more wheels.

The S04 electric car was unveiled at the inauguration of the company’s new headquarters in Barcelona. Two models have been announced for categories L6e and L7e, which represent different legal classifications for quadricycles in Europe.

The small S04 “cars” use staggered seats, accommodating two passengers in the short, 2.33 meter (7’7 “) long vehicle. The minimalist design allows two cars to fit in a typical parking space, according to the company. With staggered seats, part of the rear of the car includes storage space next to the rear passenger.

The L6e version will have a top speed of 45 km / h (28 mph), a 6 kW motor and can be used by drivers with a simple AM ​​moped license, which usually means they are licensed for mopeds. 50cc. This license is common for young riders between the ages of 14 and 16 in many European countries.

The L7e version has a higher top speed of 90 km / h (56 mph) and a larger 14 kW motor. You will need a standard driver’s license.

The models also offer different battery sizes, with a smaller 5.6 kWh trolley-type caster battery in the low power version and a larger 11.2 kWh battery in the higher power version. Silence rates cars at 149 km (92 miles) of range according to the WMTC standard.

The wheeled batteries are quite similar to those developed by Silence for the company’s electric scooters, although they have a higher capacity.

The Silence S04 will start at € 7,500 (around US $ 8,730), and it will also be possible to purchase the vehicle without batteries. Using a model similar to Gogoro’s electric scooter battery swap, Silence will set up battery swap stations in Barcelona to test a new battery swap driver. Drivers would buy the car without paying for the battery and then sign up for a battery swap program for € 20 per month.

These types of quadricycles are becoming popular options in Europe, where legal classifications exist to promote their use. Small electric “cars” like the Citroën Ami and the Renault Twizy offer the advantages of closed electric vehicles, but with limited speed and power, more suited to the narrow limits of city driving.

Such low-speed vehicles (LSVs) have only recently started to appear in the United States, although they are mainly limited to imported Chinese models which are not legal for road use as they are not registered with of NHTSA and do not have the necessary DOT certification.

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