Simple Energy postpones deliveries of the Simple One scooter to September. here’s why

Simple Energy has received around 55,000 pre-bookings for its Simple One e-scooter and previously said deliveries would begin in June.

By : HT automatic office
27 May 2022, 10:46

File photo of the Simple One electric scooter.

Simple Energy has pushed back deliveries of its Simple One electric scooter to September, citing the possibility of a change in government policy due to increased fires in electric vehicles. The EV company also took to Twitter to share this update stating that they are anticipating new guidelines and certifications due to recent incidents in the industry and therefore postponing delivery of their flagship electric scooter, Simple One.

According to a PTI report, Simple Energy Founder and CEO Suhas Rajkumar thinks the EV industry could expect some battery-related policies and testing standards in the next two months. Simple Energy has received over 55,000 pre-bookings for its Simple One e-scooter and previously said deliveries would begin in June. “Given the recent fires in some of the electric vehicles and the government acting accordingly, we have taken a conscious call to schedule deliveries of Simple One to the first week of September,” he said.

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A number of fires related to electric vehicles have taken place in recent months across the country. In some incidents, owners suffered serious injuries and some suffered casualties. The government has asked the Center for Fire, Explosives and Environmental Safety (CFEES) to investigate the incidents and also propose corrective measures.

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The Bangalore-based electric vehicle company says it is currently prioritizing safety and focusing on the changes the company anticipates from the government side. “So many companies can ask the government to recertify products to new standards if they are introduced,” Rajkumar said. But once deliveries begin, Simple Energy could start across the country instead of having a city-by-city delivery model.

Date of first publication: May 27, 2022, 10:46 a.m. HST

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