Tesla faces massive California sexual harassment lawsuit at problematic Fremont factory

An employee at a Tesla plant in California is suing the electric car maker, alleging that she was sexually harassed. The lawsuit against the auto giant alleges that women are subjected to widespread sexual harassment at this establishment.

What do we know about the Tesla factory where complaints of sexual harassment originate?

The San Francisco Bay Area plant in Fremont has already been the subject of controversy. This includes a lawsuit alleging racism and issues with COVID-19 restrictions.

This is also the same factory where jurors recently ruled that a former employee should be paid $ 137 million by Tesla for ignored racism.

What are the charges in the lawsuit against Tesla?

The victim, identified as Jessica Barraza, accuses business leaders of using sexist language and behavior at the factory. In addition, she accuses workers of groping frequently in the factory, as well as a lack of supervision on the part of managers.

She alleges that while all of this was happening, the company and plant managers did nothing.

“Although Tesla publicly claims that it promotes a safe and respectful environment for its workers, the truth has been its hat for years, Tesla has subjected the women working at its Fremont factory to nightmarish conditions of rampant sexual harassment,” says the trial.

“Almost every day for three years, my female colleagues and I have been objectified, threatened, touched and proposed in the factory,” Barraza said in a statement issued by her lawyer. The 38-year-old says the countless complaints she made to managers had little impact on the environment women were forced to face in the factory.

What is the lawsuit asking Tesla for?

The lawsuit seeks damages, as Barraza faces a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.

She also seeks punitive damages in addition to general compensation. If the lawsuit is successful, Tesla will also need to implement training, monitoring and a sanctions program to prevent future incidents of sexual harassment.

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