Tesla FSD Beta V9 passes Lombard St test in San Francisco without any intervention

When Tesla initially rolled out the first iteration of its full self-drive beta to its first batch of testers, the advanced driver assistance system was quickly subjected to multiple torture tests. Among these was a stroll down San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street, which is nicknamed “the world’s most twisting street”. With eight sharp turns, Lombard Street is a challenge even for human drivers.

And as the first tests of the first version of FSD Beta showed, Lombard Street was also a big challenge for the advanced driver assistance system. Model owner 3 Tesla Raj, who performed a test on the winding street, ended up performing manual interventions to help FSD Beta navigate the winding road. Subsequent testing with updated software showed improvements, although the Model 3 still struggles in some of the trickier sections of Lombard Street.

With the release of FSD Beta V9 this weekend, it was only a matter of time before a member of Tesla’s FSD Beta program attempted another ride down Lombard Street. And of course, Tesla Model 3 owner @WholeMarsBlog shared a clip over the weekend showing how Tesla’s pure FSD Beta vision manages one of America’s most twisted streets. Based on a video of the FSD Beta V9 attempt, it looks like Tesla’s pure vision system could navigate the tough street much easier than previous iterations of its FSD Beta.

This was noticeable in the way FSD Beta V9 took its time to navigate cautiously but (relatively) confidently through the twists and turns of the road. Granted, the FSD Beta V9 cruised Lombard Street at just 2 mph, but the limited speed actually helped the advanced driver assistance system navigate the road without difficulty.

Tesla’s FSD Beta V9 update uses the company’s new approach in its efforts to achieve autonomous driving. Unlike previous iterations which used data from cameras and radars, FSD Beta V9 uses a pure vision system. Switching to a camera-only setup was a bold move by Tesla, and it sparked some skepticism even among the firm’s strongest supporters. Given the results of FSD Beta V9 testing so far, however, it looks like Tesla Vision may really be the way to go.

Tesla FSD Beta’s first attempt at Lombard Street last year can be seen below.

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Tesla FSD Beta V9 passes Lombard St test in San Francisco without any intervention

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