Tesla layoffs also impacted hourly workers: Report

Posted: Date Posted – 12:00 PM, Sat – Jun 18, 22

San Francisco: Elon Musk-owned electric vehicle company Tesla has launched a new round of layoffs, and this time it also includes hourly workers instead of just salaried employees, as the CEO claimed.

Informed sources confirmed that Tesla launched another round of layoffs yesterday that included many hourly workers in its sales and delivery teams across North America, automotive technology website Electrek reports.

Surprisingly, the layoffs come as Tesla is in the midst of a tough wave of end-of-quarter deliveries, which Musk himself has warned employees about, saying it would be “crazy.”

Earlier this month, the website reported that Musk told Tesla executives in an email that they must cut 10% of the workforce and suspend hiring due to a ” super bad feeling” about the economy.

Later, Musk decided to clarify Tesla’s layoffs in an email to all employees.

He claimed the 10% cut would be for “salaried workforces” due to Tesla being overstaffed after a long phase of growth.

He even declared that “the hourly workforce will increase”.

However, the website has now confirmed that the electric vehicle company is also laying off hourly workers across its organization.

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