Tesla Model 3 theft attempt in San Francisco highlights importance of pin code for driving

Credit: Reddit

An unfortunate incident that recently occurred in San Francisco, California highlights the importance of one of Tesla’s lesser-known security features – PIN to Drive.

The incident happened a few days ago when a woman on drugs or suffering from a schizophrenic episode (or both) tried to steal a Tesla Model 3 parked on the side of the road.

A video shared on Reddit shows the woman getting in from the passenger side and then moving towards the driver’s seat of the black electric sedan, forcing the owner out of the car with the clear intention of kicking her out.

The owner tries several times to persuade her to get out, but thanks to her unfamiliarity with how Tesla works, she couldn’t steal it. (Warning: Video contains offensive language and may not be suitable for all viewers)

This in itself is a partial safety feature since if she had known how to put her foot on the brake and put it in Drive, it would have been a different story, simply because the owner was close to the vehicle so that it was ” alight.”

However, the built-in PIN to Drive security feature would have prevented the theft, even if the owner had given him the key card or his cell phone.

If you’re unfamiliar, PIN to Drive requires four-digit verification before your car can be driven. Without it, the car is going nowhere.

While it might be a slight inconvenience to take the extra 2-3 seconds to enter the PIN code before each ride, the video above shows that it could save you a much bigger headache down the road.

PIN to Drive can be activated via ‘Controls’ > ‘Safety & Security’ > ‘PIN to Drive’ on your car’s central display.

Here is a short video from Tesla on the security feature.

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