Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) – McDonald’s Could Capitalize On Tesla’s Largest U.S. Supercharger Location: Here’s How And Why It Matters

Charging an electric vehicle is a necessary task for those who drive it frequently during the day or week. When recharging the vehicle at a public charging station, owners have time to spare, which could lead them to go shopping or eat a meal.

What happened: The largest Supercharger location in the United States is location 56 V3 in Firebaugh, California. Firebaugh is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, which can make it a very busy place for Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA).

A Mcdonalds (NYSE: MCD) located near the SuperCharger location hopes to capitalize on the increased traffic.

“Recharge with McDonald’s while you recharge your Tesla. Food delivered directly to your charging station (place your charging station at the curb #), ”says a banner, reports Teslarati.

It could be a genius marketing by McDonald’s to offer delivery to the nearby SuperCharger and take advantage of a place that is probably busy all day.

The McDonald’s is located next to the SuperCharger, as seen on this map.

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Why this is important: Charging a vehicle at a Tesla SuperCharger station takes approximately 30 minutes.

Maybe McDonald’s could partner up with Tesla and offer free shipping or discounted services to locations near a SuperCharger, which could be a win-win collaboration.

McDonald’s has 13,443 locations in the United States and many of them could be close to a SuperCharger location.

McDonald’s may also consider installing additional charging stations at its sites to attract additional customers to its restaurants.

Elon musk said Tesla is considering opening restaurants in SuperCharger locations so customers have something to do while their vehicles are recharging.

Large retailers like Target company (NYSE: TGT) has partnered with Tesla to have charging stations near their stores, as Tesla owners may be more likely to shop while their vehicles are charging.

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