Tesla Semi spotted in Colfax, CA

A Tesla Semi was spotted heading west along Interstate 80 in Colfax, California. The EV automaker appears to have stepped up testing on its Class 8 truck recently.

Reddit user u/bookseller shared a short clip of the Tesla Semi crossing I-80 in Colfax. Some Cyber ​​Rodeo attendees recognized the Tesla Semi from the Grand Opening Ceremony at Giga Texas. They noted that an artist painted the Semi during the event.

At Tesla’s Cyber ​​Rodeo event in April, Elon Musk noted that production of the Semi will finally begin in 2023, along with other long-awaited products. In its recent Q2 2022 shareholder update letter, Tesla officially listed the Semi, Cybertruck and Roadster as “in ‘development’.” More remarkably, the electric vehicle manufacturer has officially announced the development of its Robotaxi fleet.

Earlier this month, two Tesla Semis were spotted on the road. The two all-electric heavy trucks were the updated versions of the Semi. The Class 8 trucks were heading west on Highway 80 near Donner Lake, likely toward PepsiCo’s Modesto site.

So far, most of the Tesla Semi news covers the Pepsi order. Tesla has already installed active megachargers for Pepsi’s 100 Semi-Order at its Frito Lay factory in Modesto. The company announced that Pepsi would receive at least 15 tractor-trailers by the end of January 2022.

According to the company’s website, Tesla Semi reservation orders require a wire transfer payment of $5,000. Tesla requires a wire transfer payment of $15,000 for the first Semi order and $20,000 for each additional reservation. Transfers are due 10 days after booking to finalize the order.

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Tesla Semi painted at Giga Texas Cyber ​​Rodeo ‘runs’ in the wild

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