Tesla’s server outage prevents owners from driving their cars – here’s why

Tesla’s server failure is affecting some of its owners across the world, in which they could not communicate with their electric vehicles using Elon Musk’s company EV app. In addition, functions such as starting or unlocking the vehicle were also not available in some cases.

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Tesla server outage prevents owners from driving their cars

Tesla owners took to social media around 4 p.m. Nov. 19 to complain or simply report the “500 server error” that consistently appears on the Tesla app, according to the Bleeping Computer report.

One of the tweets from a Twitter user, hohocho, noted that the “server error 500” had also manifested in Seoul, South Korea, noting that it was probably an issue. global.

Tesla CEO and founder Musk responded to Korea’s tweet, saying he was “already checking it …”.

Tesla server failure: unable to unlock cars

That said, Bleeping Computer added that the extent of the outage prevents its users from accessing their cars through the Tesla app. Not to mention, the server issue also pins an inaccurate location of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, some owners of the electric vehicle giant went to echo the server issue on the Teslamotorsclub forum, noting that the mess has prevented them from accessing their cars using the app.

Tesla's server crash prevents owners from driving their cars - here's why

(Photo: by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
PALO ALTO, CA – NOVEMBER 05: The Tesla logo is displayed on the front of a new Tesla Model S car at a Tesla showroom on November 5, 2013 in Palo Alto, California. Tesla will release its third quarter results today after the closing bell.

It should be noted that such a server problem has prevented its owners from starting or opening their electric vehicles, as some Tesla models no longer have the “Phone key” function. Thus, they are forced to use the app to unlock their cars.

Some reports also claim that some Tesla owners could only resort to the electric vehicle giant’s app because their cars’ fob keys have long been broken.

One of them wrote on the Teslamotorsclub forum claiming that Tesla’s website does not offer any replacements for broken remote keys. Therefore, he only uses the app to open his broken VE.

Tesla server failure: the car will not start

According to the CNET report, Tesla’s current outage is also preventing some cars from starting.

While the reason behind this is still unclear, the media additionally suggested that the EV not starting issue could also be attributed to the server issue.

As it turned out, the Tesla app would need to ping the servers of the electric vehicle giant, currently down for some users, to find out if the owner is using their smartphone as a key to the car.

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Fixed Tesla server failure

At the time of this writing, Tesla or its CEO, billionaire Musk, had yet to reveal any reason behind the server failure or any solution to fix it.

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