Texas-made Teslas will likely have to leave the state before Texans can buy them

You’re here Build a factory in Texas You will need to build cars, but during operation you may need to detour until the cars made there get to your buyers in Texas (Going through drive). State law prohibits automakers from selling directly to consumers, allowing Tesla to ship cars from factories in Austin to other states before they are returned to buyers in Texas. There is sex. State lawmakers were discussing legislation to prevent the situation but missed the opportunity to pass the bill before resting until 2023. The factory should be completed Until the end of 2021.

The law prohibiting automakers from selling their cars directly to consumers isn’t limited to Texas, nor is it intended for Tesla. Originally placed It’s about preventing manufacturers in many states from undermining franchise dealers and keeping them from doing business. Tesla has no franchise franchisees to protect, but as it is written today, it has nothing to do with Texas law.

Employees at a new plant (Tesla plans to invest $ 1 billion) will have to wait until their car is taken to a dealership in another state for processing before returning to that plant. It is an embarrassing situation for the state. This can also apply to Elon Musk himself. He said he had already moved to the state this year. It’s also a little embarrassing for Tesla. Tesla decided to build a factory in the state without signing a contract to sell the car.

I have been billed The proposal proposed by the Texas Parliament appears to be suitable to support Tesla at first glance. And Only if these companies did not have a franchised dealership in the state. This could rule out companies like Ford, but Ford sells electric vehicles, but like other electric vehicle manufacturers. Rivian, Ming, And Canoe Once the vehicle is in production, it will be sold directly.

Tesla and other electric vehicle makers have fought for direct sales licenses in many states over the years, and have recently seen some success. Rivian was also accessible recently) And Tesla Michigan Law EscapeThere are 12 states that Tesla allows to sell directly to customers. Open a limited number of resellers..

However, promising buyers have yet to overcome challenges, such as sending documents across state borders to obtain temporary labels or traveling to other states to purchase. There are plenty of states that need to be: Carolina, New Mexico, and of course Texas, all have direct sales, but all the bills have been closed and indefinitely willed or ignored for years. There is also a page on the site Here we ask our clients to speak to elected officials about these cases.

Connecticut is another state that is not allowed to sell directly (although Tesla can lease cars to its customers). Currently the law is promulgated Enabling direct selling, Tesla and Rivian work together to enact legislation This year in other states In the same way. In many states, Tesla has found a way to deliver cars to customers, but it’s not without hassle.

But for Texas, it may take a while for the law to be enacted. Tweeted AT driveAn article about a member who does not have time for a change of state. Even if Congress is adjourned until 2023, it is not impossible that this will happen. Focus on unadopted legislation. Abbott did not respond to requests for comment on its intention to do so.

There may be legal loopholes, like in Michigan, but Texas lawmakers don’t seem to be rushing down the road: Tesla also tried to win the right to sell the car directly to Texans. In 2013 And 2015, And lost both times.

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