The 8 things you need to do when buying a new car

The illusion of buying a car is something that can often confuse our common sense a little and end up making decisions that are not the most correct. And let’s face it, it’s an expense that can’t be taken at random.

We must be fully aware that no matter how little we spend on a car, we are talking about thousands of euros, so reason and common sense must play a big role in the final decision.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t buy one of the car models we love, but in some ways we may have to give up something so that the vehicle doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

The car should be used for us to live and not have to live for the car.

That said, let’s see some tips that we are going to give you so that with all this you can buy the best vehicle, the most beautiful, the one that best meets your expectations and the one that suits your budget.

Have multiple options

Unless you are extremely clear on the fact that the model you want to buy is a specific model and that it is no longer worth anything, it is still practical have several options go and contemplate.

That is, if we are looking for a spacious SUV, we may have in mind several models of different brands, since it is currently the most demanded platform.

It is better to have several purchasing possibilities, because it may be that the one we like the most is not within our reach or involves extra effort, and it may happen that another model that was not the first option is more suited, in all respects, to what we are looking for.

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Be clear on the fuel we want

We almost all agree that electric car they are the future, but they are currently not a viable option for many users.

With the exception of some models, the vast majority of which cannot afford, the the autonomy of this type of car is rare, especially if you take a long trip during the year. If you don’t go out of town, this could be a great option.

Another problem is that of charging stations, not only are they rare, but what is really interesting, namely fast charging, is even more so.

And what about the price of these vehicles, something which is prohibitive, although the government grants aid for the acquisition, since they take an average of a year to reach the user.

Another option is to buy a hybrid, a gasoline or diesel model. It is clear that, if the number of kilometers per year is important and they are out of town, diesel still continues to compensate. At a time when long journeys and a few annual kilometers are not made, a gasoline car, cheaper models than diesel or hybrid cars can compensate.

Everyone must analyze their personal situation to arrive at the best solution.

Request multiple quotes

It is an important element when buying a car, because it is better to have a good number of budgets, even from the same car, from several different dealers.

You will be surprised how much the price varies from one to another even talking about the same model, which is why it is not a good idea to stick with the first budget that we ask for.

The best thing is to have enough options, to know when we are billed for the vehicle, what the promotions of the brand and the dealership themselves are and, another relevant item, how much money they give us if we deliver. our previous car as part of the payment.

Thereby we can make a decision with more meaning only if we only had one or two budgets left.


Here we must also be aware of what facet to which we will devote a car.

You will understand it very easily with an example. If we were going to devote our car to taking the kids to school, one day for shopping and once a year for taking it on the road, it would be crazy to buy a car, for example, with 200 hp.

This is why we have to be consistent on the use we will make of the car the majority and thus decide which is the best engine for us.

Interior in line with our expectations

Obviously not everything in the car is the exterior and if we’re being realistic the interior is where we’re going to be the most, so it has to be tailored to what we need, in every way.

Both space, finishes or technologyIt must be what we are looking for, knowing how to give up what we do not need or are going to use.

I’ll give you a personal example, my old car had a folding sunroof and in the years I had it, it only opened 3 or 4 times. This is an example of something that wasn’t needed, so the next one doesn’t have it anymore.

It makes no sense to spend money on things that we don’t need and will not enjoy at any time.

The same is happening with space and technology, we must always be aware that we need, never fall short, but never go too far.

Test the car

This is another tip that we think is really relevant. That is, in any dealership they will tell you wonders about a car and even several times or they will say exactly what you want to hear.

There is no better way to know if this car is behaving the way we expected go out and try it for ourselvesIn this case, no matter what the seller tells us, it will all be based on our feelings.

Fortunately, many automakers have assumed that the future lies in the electrification of their vehicles. These seven brands have already announced when they will stop using diesel engines.

Be very clear on budget and funding

Once we have chosen the car we want, this is the moment when we must be clear on what they are going to charge us, for the extras that we have been able to put in and what are the discounts applied by the brand and the dealer himself.

Obviously, they must give us this documentation, as well as financing if we are going to pay for the car in several installments and it is with the financial company of the brand.

All of this must be very clear and pose any type of doubt, lest it be because we are not asked to be unhappy.

All this must be given the day we are going to sign the papers, having to be exactly the same as what they gave us at the beginning, something that you should watch with great care and quiet, it won’t take more or less 10 minutes.

We present a series of tips for getting the most out of the Android Auto app when using your mobile device in the car.

What documentation do we need to have on the day the vehicle is delivered to us?

Once everything we’ve told you has helped you find the best car for you and you just need to hand yourself over the keys and start enjoying it, remember that in the dealership we owe you hand in a series of documents.

You must have at least the following:

A full invoice and all that concerns funding if this has been done. Complete documentation of the car: Vehicle Technical Control Card from the Ministry of Industry, Traffic permit from the Ministry of the Interior and Declaration of registration for the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IMVTM). All warranty details, legal and commercial, its coverage, its duration, its limitations and everything that is excluded. Vehicle documents: user manual, multimedia service manual, revision book, etc. Contact information in the event of a problem, in addition to information on official controls, objects accompanying the vehicle: sets of keys, compulsory triangles, etc.

We hope that with everything we have told you, you can find the car that best suits you and your needs, allowing you to have the best one for you for years to come.

Illusion is an important part of life and I hope we never lose it, but sometimes common sense is essential as well.

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