The Tesla Model S takes a leap forward in San Francisco

A video surfaced on social media last night of a Tesla Model S flying through the air in San Francisco.

According to Instagram user Alex.Choi, the man behind the video, the driver of the Tesla Model S, was fine, but his car was not.

You can see how much air the vehicle received from Alex Choi’s Model S Plaid front camera in this photo.

Although we can’t be sure, it appears to be the same hill David Dobrik jumped on a Tesla Model X a few years ago.

However, the results are a bit different.

From the video, it appears the Model S deployed its airbags, lost the front bumper, and suffered severe structural damage to the front of the vehicle.

It also appears that the Model S struck another vehicle as it attempted to come to a stop at the bottom of the hill. Although the video does not show damage to the other vehicle, if any.

At least to say, we’re suggesting you don’t pull your Tesla off a seemingly 100+ foot jump, even for a viral video.

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