This incredible electric car battery recharges in just 10 minutes

Automakers are in a rush to “fix” two electric car battery issues that are of concern to buyers more than anything else. One is the range and the second is the anxiety load. Drivers don’t just worry about not having enough juice in the tank to get to their destination. They also fear that they will have to waste hours recharging their electric vehicles. This involves planning for longer conductors to account for the battery charge.

Several companies are working on batteries that offer more range than existing options, as well as on battery packs that can recharge as quickly as needed to fill up with gasoline. Tesla is one of the players working on new battery technology. Elon Musk’s company introduced a new 4680 battery last year that will improve range and power. And now an Israeli company says it can make 4,680 batteries that only need 10 minutes to recharge.

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StoreDot made the news in January when it unveiled prototype EV battery packs that could deliver 100 miles of range after just 5 minutes of charging. They were only prototypes intended to present the technology to interested parties. Commercial versions would need a few more years. But StoreDot has now announced a 4680 battery that can reach a full charge in just 10 minutes.

The electric car battery that recharges in 10 minutes

The 4680 is a cylindrical battery cell that measures 46 x 80mm, hence its name. According to The time of Israel, StoreDot 4680 batteries only need 10 minutes to reach a full charge. StoreDot batteries feature Extremely Fast Charging (XFC) for electric cars, but the same battery technology can be used for other gadgets, from scooters to phones.

StoreDot said last month it has created the world’s first prototype silicon-dominant battery that recharges in just 10 minutes. The 4680 format is the preferred size in the electric vehicle landscape, with Tesla being a strong supporter of the specification.

The StoreDot 4680 battery has been in development for three years and features technology detailed in five patents. The fast-charge battery design “increases throughput and overcomes the safety and performance issues typically associated with the rigid case structure of cylindrical cells.”

How it works

The company uses nanomaterials and organic and inorganic compounds in its lithium-ion batteries to enable extremely fast charging. Metalloid nanoparticles like silicon replace graphite in the anode of the cell. As a result, StoreDot overcame safety, life cycle, and cell swelling issues that can appear during rapid charging processes.

StoreDot is setting up a production line in China with Eve Energy, the report notes. It is not known which electric cars could receive the new StoreDot 4680 batteries. The temperature, StoreDot is in “advanced talks” with several global automakers with the intention of “providing them with various XFC cells, enabling a rapid transition to a zero-emission electrified future.”

Although the development is exciting, the StoreDot 4680 Battery will not be ready for large-scale production until 2024.

StoreDot will continue to research and develop fast-charging batteries, with the next phase expected to include experiments on the ISS in partnership with NASA. The startup received approval in May to conduct the first space research and development program. StoreDot aims to learn how space conditions can impact batteries, including XFG batteries that may soon power electric cars.

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