This Week’s Top Car Deals and Reviews – January 28, 2022

Over $10,000 in rebates can be up for grabs on the Kia EV6. Those looking for a new electric vehicle may find the 2022 Kia EV6 better to buy than lease due to a $7,500 federal tax credit and various state zero-emissions incentives.

The Ford Bronco Raptor is not eligible for price protection. The 2021 Bronco production delays have become so severe that Ford has asked some customers to place new orders for the 2022 model and offered price protection to offset the usual year-over-year price increase . Unfortunately, the Ford Bronco Raptor is excluded.

Ford F-150 Lightnings are excluded from a pre-order discount. While most non-stock 2022 Ford vehicles are eligible for a $1,000 pre-order discount, the F-150 Lightning is excluded, making it a little harder to score much on the all-new EV pickup.

More high-income applicants will become ineligible for an EV discount in California. Beginning February 24, high-income applicants who wish to take advantage of California’s clean vehicle rebate for their new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle may find that they are no longer eligible for a rebate worth up to $2,000. .

0% APR financing available on the in-demand Ford Maverick. Despite factory orders suspended due to high demand, Ford is offering interest-free financing on the hard-to-find 2022 Maverick compact pickup truck.

Ford Broncos excluded from a discount on retail orders. The ever-popular Ford Bronco is typically excluded from promotional financing and lease incentives, so it’s no surprise that the Bronco was excluded from a $1,000 retail order bonus.

Lincoln to raise MSRPs to $1,265 in February. In its next wave of mid-year price increases, parent company Ford will raise the MSRPs of most 2022 Lincoln luxury SUVs with a bill date of Feb. 1 and later.

2022 Lincoln Nautilus

Ford Mavericks excluded from Factory Order Discount offer. The extreme popularity of the 2022 Maverick flooded Ford with so many factory orders that they had to stop taking them. Factory orders will resume this summer for the 2023 model, excluding the compact pickup with a $1,000 retail order bonus.

Ford Bronco Raptor profit margins can reach at least $25,000. We’ve come to expect dealer profit margins to be part of a “new normal” amid the ongoing chip shortage. The limited-production Bronco Raptor – with a base price of nearly $70,000 – should see at least a $25,000 markup on the MSRP when it arrives.

California plug-in rebate lowers MSRP cap on EVs. In an effort to make plug-in rebates more available on affordable EVs, MSRPs will be capped downward, excluding more expensive EVs from California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate program.

Subaru dealerships encouraged to classify more vehicles as Certified Pre-Owned. Subaru is pushing its dealerships to convert service loaner SUVs into more CPO vehicles they can sell, which could make buying a used car a bit easier for buyers.

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