TI Fluid Systems Introduces New Integrated Thermal Collector Assemblies For Electric Vehicles

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan., May 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TI Fluid Systems (LSE: TIFS), one of the world’s leading providers of automotive fluid systems technology, has introduced an innovative approach to coolant management on electrified vehicles. The new technology is an Integrated Thermal Manifold Assembly (ITMa) which provides a one-piece, lightweight, blow-molded plastic manifold to optimize the design of complex lines and replaces multiple line bundle assemblies of thermal loops for heating and cooling. cooling on the next generation of electric vehicles.

Today’s electric vehicles typically use several complex lines of rubber, aluminum, or multilayer plastic that are wrapped tightly together under the hood or chassis. TI Fluid Systems has developed the ability to evolve its fuel tank blow molding technology from the Fuel Tanks and Distribution Systems (FTDS) division to produce an integrated thermal ‘manifold’ (ITMa) approach into one. one piece. This one-piece blow-molded plastic manifold has significant OEM EV value: improved flow performance for efficiency gains, lower part count for secondary and final vehicle assembly, with lower weight and lower costs. reduced investment tools.

In addition to the “ fluid transport ” design of ITMa coolant, the FTDS division of TI Fluid Systems has demonstrated additional integration potential for “ fluid storage ” (reservoir expansion tank coolant), ‘fluid temperature control’ (heat exchangers / sensors) and ‘fluid distribution’ (pumps), for a very compact module solution. Much like a fuel delivery module today, these integrated thermal modular assemblies are highly customized for each vehicle or OEM application and can be designed for different types of multiple thermal loop systems.

“Our innovations in recent years have caught the attention of our OEMs as we move from ‘built-in-print’ components to the ‘innovative collaboration’ of EV subsystems,” said Hans Dieltjens, COO. TI Fluid Systems is a differentiated supplier that leverages our fluids know-how on emerging thermal EV challenges. We are successfully demonstrating our ability to pivot our fluid skills, capabilities and assets to deliver a family of new EV products. revolutionary with varying levels of integration. “

TI Fluid Systems has received its first application release of the ITMa global EV platform for the introduction of the 2023 model year with a leading European high-volume OEM.

About TI Fluid Systems
TI Fluid Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fluid storage, transportation and distribution systems, primarily for the light automotive market. With nearly 100 years of experience in automotive fluid systems, TI Fluid Systems has manufacturing facilities in 107 locations across 28 countries serving all of the world’s major OEMs.

For more information visit www.tifluidsystems.com.

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